Friday, November 5, 2010

10 Week Fitness Challenge - Week 2

Fit Mommy is hosting a Fitness Challenge! My Goals are:

1. I started back on Weight Watchers this past Friday. So my first goal is to loose at least 15 lbs. That means not only loosing the weight but not gaining it back over the holidays. That will be a definite challenge to me as holidays means food to our family. I will have to find some alternatives.

2. To begin exercising 10 minutes a day at least 3 days a week and increase from there to longer time and more days a week.

This week I did not loose any weight. I think I gained actually. I have been sick in bed 4 days this week. That has been rough. I have not eaten a lot but lack of exercise and spending all day in bed has been rough. I have been drinking a lot of orange juice and water. I have eaten a lot of soup. I also had some all fruit/fruit juice popsicles.

I also did not exercise at all this week. This probably means I will not be eligible for the prize that will be given out after our 10 weeks is over, but I am sticking to my resolve. It is the long hall that will matter. The weight goal is long term but the exercise goal was based on weekly success. Oh well. Hopefully I will be well by Monday and can get back to my diet and exercise program. Tomorrow is another day... next week is a new week. Jumping Smileys

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Kelly said...

Sorry you've been sick. But stick with it. You can do this and we are all behind you. Hope you get better soon.

Briana said...

I hope you feel better next week! Being sick is a bummer.

SisterTipster said...

Glad you have your resolve despite being so sick! It sure makes it tough when the wind literally is knocked out of us! I am praying Debbie that you find your health and that this week goes lots better for you! Don't give us! REMEMBER that it's progress not perfection! Sending a hug and wishes for a beautiful day! hugs!


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