Monday, November 1, 2010

Community Service - Do you and your kids volunteer??

Time for another Blog Cruise with my TOS mates. This week the question is: What are some volunteer opportunities that your family has participated in?

First we have always volunteered at church. My kids from the time they are allowed to, which I think is 13, have helped out in the nursery at church. We have helped with VBS many times. My daughters have also helped at some church breakfasts, a wedding or two, and a luncheon after a funeral or two.

For a few years we have helped with the Fall Festival. My churches alternative to Halloween. See my complete post about this year's Fall Festival, the biggest ever, here.

In the past, for a few years, my girls volunteered at a local historical site helping with various things while tours were given to groups of school kids. Dressed up in their civil war dresses, helping explain about the way people dressed back then, cooking over an open pot, teaching the kids about spinning yarn, and games kids played back then... a long with other things.

I volunteered as Vice-President of our homeschool support group for two years. That was a tough job, but not as tough as the President's job. I enjoyed it, especially since a close friend was President at the time. We ran the meetings and oversaw the other volunteers. I wouldn't mind doing it again some time. Since then I have spoken at some of the support group meetings. In fact, in 2 weeks, I am speaking on Lapbooking and Notebooking at a teacher in-service our support group is having. I hope we have a good turnout. I can't wait.

Many times we have volunteered at a local nursing home. Singing for the residents. Here you see my family greeting the people after we sang. The kids always go around and greet each one.

  My family likes to sing. Besides singing at the nursing homes we have done special music at church every couple months we are scheduled to sing. I could not find a picture of us. I did find a picture of my hubby and boys when they joined a group of men at church to sing special music. My son Nathan is the one in the back whose face you can mostly see. My hubby is standing to the right of him you can only see the top of his head, my younger son Christopher is next to my hubby. You can see Christopher better in the picture below.

We have also volunteered at NGA for a few years. You can see the post about this year's volunteer time here.

 This year at NGA we also sang at the luncheon the second day.

My boys and hubby plan on volunteering at the Sunday Breakfast Meeting in the city near us, soon. Hubby also has plans to take our sons to volunteer at Habitat For Humanity. Maybe next spring. Our home is a Habitat Home and we want to give back.

That's how we volunteer...
does your family volunteer?
See how my fellow crew mates and their families volunteer by going to the TOS Crew Blog.

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Michelle Smith said...

Your family is quite active in its volunteer work! I love that you included plenty of photos in your post! :)

Mozi Esme said...

Sounds like you all are keeping busy! I love that you're sharing your musical talents...


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