Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blast From the Past - Volunteering at NGA of Concordville, PA

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This week I am featuring our trip to volunteer at NGA.
Our trip took place on October 14th and 15th.
Here is the NGA National Website: http://www.nga-inc.org/

NGA is the Needlework Guild of America
My mom belongs to the Concordville, PA branch and they do great work.

Each year when they gather all the things they have saved for their charities they have an ingathering.
An ingathering is where all the ladies bring the things they have shopped for and the things they have made and gather together to get the things ready to give out to the charities. Some things they have especially for their charity goes straight to their charity table other things that could be for anyone get sorted on tables in the middle of the room.Once the things have been sorted: boys stuff, girl stuff, babies, women, men, towels, sheets; then we "shop." It is so much fun. Looking for things that the charity you are helping needs and no money exchanges hands. Grab this cute baby outfit, get that cute baby blanket, oooh look at this toddler boys outfit, my charity needs extra large pants and shirt for ladies and men in wheelchairs... there are all kinds. Ladies and my kids were everywhere with lists of needs and looking to fill them for each charity.

On the way to NGA Ingathering
Jessica and Christopher in the back seat of our van

Rachel and Nathan in the middle two seats. They get so wacky some times!

Each item has to be counted and the total sent to NGA National Headquarters.
A pair of socks counts as one item, but a baby outfit with top, pants, hat and bib counts as 4.

Rachel helped shop for Salvation Army.
below is the table with the Salvation army's bags of stuff.

Nathan "shopped" for Cades

Below are some of the tables of things for different charities.

We lay things out nice on the top of the table but underneath are bags and boxes filled with more stuff for the charities to use.

See the bags peaking out from under the far table.

Christopher helped with this table... for Pathways.
They have boxes and bags all over!

Cute dress

Pretty homemade blanket with an NGA sticker on it.

Everybody say, "Awww!"

This was NGA of Concordville's 115th anniversary year.

Ooooooohh. Gotta love the old sewing machine.

The next day we have a luncheon. Representatives from each of the charities that will be receiving things come to the luncheon. It is catered and it is a great day.

Lovely decorations for fall and for needlework, made by one of the ladies of the group!

Cute and yummy.
This was made to be a cupcake topper but she glued them onto Reese's Cups!


Jessica and the President of NGA Concordville, PA

My mom, "the Busy Bea"

Nathan and Jessica waiting for the program and luncheon to start.

An NGA member lady on the left and the representative from Salvation Army on the right.

The Pathways people, some NGA ladies and my son Christopher.

It was cold in the room, the heater wasn't working, so some of the ladies grabbed blankets from the charity tables... just temporarily.

This is me on the left, the lady I was helping in the center and a friend of hers on the right.

Well, we had fun helping out. My children and the ladies look forward to us coming each year.
The boys are a great help carrying the bags to the charities cars after the luncheon as well as the girls. We all enjoy the shopping and we all help with the counting.

I greatly enjoy the luncheon as each charity speaks for 2-3 minutes about what is going on with the charity and the people they serve and how appreciative those whom they are to get these new things. It really makes you count your blessings. They seemed especially thankful this year, because of the economy there are more people that need help and less people giving. So it was a privilege to go and serve others.

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Salomé said...

Oh my goodness, those are soooo lovely. You're such a good knitter.

I was hoping to do some sewing today, but due to a bug, I'm confined to my bed. :(

I do hope though that everything goes well for you at the doctor today. I'll shoot you an email. :)

Love and hugs!

Salomé said...

Aww... wow, it looks like you all had a great time! And it seems to be something really neat to do! :)

Salomé said...

Oh good grief, sorry aunt Debbie. Only now did I realise I posted two comments. The one above was meant for Rachel. But I'm sure you noticed that. :)


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