Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun For Your Friday

I am joining a new blog meme. So here is my Fun For Your Friday post.

We are studying the composers using a Bright Ideas Press curriculum called Young Scholars Guide to Composers  you can find my review for it here:  TOS Homeschool Crew Review - Bright Ideas Press. Last week we studied Haydn and I found this wonderful & funny video on YouTube to go with our study. This is Haydn's Fairwell Symphony. The king that Haydn was composing and directing for would not leave the palace he as staying at and go back to the city. The members of the orchestra were complaining because they could not go home and visit their families until the king left. This was Haydn's answer to the problem. The boys and I enjoyed it immensely. I hope it brings you and your kids a smile today.

When the members of the orchestra left one by one until they were all gone the king got the message and he went back to the city. The orchestra members were then able to go visit their families. Very ingenious and diplomatic of Hydan to think of this.

Go check out the hostess's blog and read her post and join us by posting your own Fun For Your Friday post here: Earnest Parenting - Fun For Your Friday

Have a Great Day and a Great Weekend,

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Amy LeForge said...

Oh that's terrific! Thanks for sharing!! I'm excited to read your review of the composer program too, because that's one area (of many) I haven't managed as well as I'd like w/ the boys.


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