Monday, November 29, 2010

365-323-333 Decorating for Christmas

Post 3 - Decorating for Christmas... now I am all caught up.

instead of going out early to the Black Friday Sales we put up our tree and decorate for Christmas

In These Green Tubs...
comes some of the "magic" that makes the Christmas season special for us...

The Decorations!!

The Tree




 Making it just right!


Some closeups of favorite ornaments

The Life of Christ in ornaments
Baby Jesus, Hammer (Carpenter) {hard to see below the fish to the right of the Bible}, Dove, Word of God, Bread and Fishes, Cross

 Snowmen (bendable rubber material)

 Rachel's Elephant

 I love bears!

 I made these last year.

 I made these too... I love them... they are all from the same collection... everyone picked the one they wanted.

 Ty Beanies and Pooh

Love "Charlie Brown Christmas" show

 Veggie Tales

 I made these
everyone has a different color vest

 Love the penguins...
there are three of them.

 Precious Moments

 Snowman Baker

Other Decorations
Bears and a Snowman next to the coat closet

 Wreaths and a Snowman by the front door.
Rachel added some red bead garland to the wreath and it spruced it up...
I need to get a close-up of it.
Oh, and the bells on the doorknob, too.

 I decided to feature the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments my sister-in-law made for us by putting them on the wall. I bought the red bead garland to put them on. Rachel and Nathan worked on the best way to display them and the best way to hand the beads on the wall.


Rachel decided to add bells between the ornaments and...

That turned out great!

 Reindeer on the lampshade

 Changing the bears that I usually have on these shelves to the Christmas Stuffed Animals...
bears and some other animals.

 Getting the cord set up for the Bethlehem Scene


Wreath with musical church
Advent Calender
No ornaments on the advent calender yet... first one on Wed...
the ornaments are felt.
I will post another picture later with the ornaments.
I made this.

 Jessica and Christopher adding cut outs and beads on string to our shelves.

 oh and now you can see all the stuffed animals on this shelf

 Are you decorating or watching White Christmas???

 Love this...
Bringing Christmas and Easter together...
The Reason for the Season...
Jesus came to earth...
so he could die for our sins and bring us into right relationship with God the Father...
so we could live for all eternity... praising his name in heaven.

 The whole bookshelf and wall with Bethlehem lit up.

 The Tree
Piano with decorations.
On the piano: a manger, porcelain bunny family dressed for Christmas,
bears galore, snowmen, big angel dolls, and more.

Decorating done.

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