Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 27-30

I am participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge
I am way behind... my being sick really got me out of whack. Today is the last day of the challenge so I wanted to catch up. So here are the three that I missed and then today's... all in one post.

Day 27 - Pets
We do not have a pet. We have a small home and 4 kids. When I was growing up I had a cat. My hubby and I had a cat when we first got married... actually it was his cat and I moved in with him and his cat. I know I have a picture of my cat Tuffy when I was growing up... no idea where it is right now. I also have a picture of my husband's cat Piranha somewhere... can't find that either. I will post them both someday when I find them.

Day 28 - Something that stresses you out
Lots of things stress me out
but I am going to concentrate on the one that is stressing me out the most at this time.

And because we have been doing home repair, 
and putting in a bathroom, 
as well as me working on organizing our many, many books on the bookshelves in the upstairs hallway,
cleaning, organizing and decluttering the basement,
and then being sick for more than a week...
the house is in general disorder!!!
It is driving me nuts!

This is the clutter in the basement...
before we started cleaning.

Unfortunately, because I got sick...
and we have multiple projects going at one time ...
I cannot show you a finished project anywhere...
which is one of the things that is driving me crazy.
3 walls of the living room are finished but we have one more to go.
Here are some before, during and after pictures of those walls.
The best pictures I could find for before are from Christmas 2008...
but they really shows the walls well.
Notice the Pink Walls
Not just the people and things in the pictures.

During painting!
Pink and Blue!!


Very Blue Walls

I will post more pictures after we get the walls all done and the stuff hung back on the walls and the new furniture that was supposed to be here yesterday but is now due in the first week of Dec.

Day 29 - 3 Wishes
hmmmmm... some of my wishes have already come true... 3 wishes hmmmm.
1. To move more out into the country or near a little town... anywhere away from this busy, busy road and bad neighborhood where hubby fears for our safety and won't let us walk the streets... and into my dream home.
2. For my kids to marry wonderful spouses and serve the Lord all their days.
3. Have lots of Grandkids!!!! that live nearby and I can help homeschool and play with!

Today's challenge is:

Day 30 - a picture
Really Hard!!! One picture... from all my thousands...
hmmm. I have done hubby, kids, home, guess I will choose one from Winterthur!

It was hard to choose one but here is one of my favorite pictures from my favorite spot in Winterthur.

This ends the 30 Day Blog Challenge!
It was lots of fun.
I wish I could think of something this great... she had so many participants.
Many Thanks to  Katie @ Katie’s Journey for thinking this up
and thanks to
for doing the challenge on her blog... where I first saw it.

all content on my blog is ©

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Jennifer said...

This 30 day challenge was fun! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Having to clean up clutter stresses me! :)


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