Monday, February 8, 2010


These photos were all taken of places within sight of our home.

This is an evergreen tree in our backyard, the snow totally toppled it over.
Love the blue sky through the trees.

I like the shadows here.

Last years tomato plant and cage from our garden.
I like the shadows here, too.

A little pile of snow on the side tray of our grill. Kinda Cute.

Beautiful Icicles

More Beautiful Icicles and a deep blue sky.
More Beautiful Icicles

Looks like a huge mountain of snow.
This snow drift was about 30 inches tall.
I love this picture.

I hope you enjoyed these,


Tracy said...

Wow those ice-cicles are huge!

Jennifer said...

I like the shadows!

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures

Katie said...

yikes to the tree and whoa to the gigantic icicles!!!


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