Wednesday, February 24, 2010

TOS Homeschool Crew Review - All About Spelling - Beehive Reader

Today's review is a darling children's reading book...Beehive Reader book 1 by Marie Rippel with Renee LaTulippe! This book has ten sweet stories for your little one to read, all of which are very clean for young reader's. My favorite' stories were "Frank Shrank" and "At the Pond". The great thing about this book, is that is has sketches drawn on every page!  Your little one will not only be reading a great book, but will have such fun doing it! Free Avatars Watch as the little boy shrinks from drinking some pink milk (what fun!), and see the frog jump and the fox snatch a fish away! The illustrations are very well done and are quite enjoyable...for all ages, I might add.Free Icons

These stories are so much fun! I have read books with my children when they were learning to read, and some of them, were not so very interesting. I noticed that if they were interested in reading the stories, they had a easier time of doing the assigned reading. With this book, reading will be a breeze. Your little one will not be able to stop reading after just one of these fun stories, but will want to be reading more and more! The words in this book are not too difficult for a little one to handle, most of them are very simple. So although they will be challenged in their reading, they will not become overly discouraged and want to give up (and of course, they'll definitely want to finish the story! Free Smileys There are so many animals in this little book, that your child won't be able to help but enjoy it, and have fun naming and pointing at all the cute drawings of the pets and animals in the process.

This sweet book would also be a good way to encourage your little reader to read to their younger (or older) siblings.
On the website you can get multiple samples from this reader. You can read portions of 6 of the stories as well as the table of contents and a close up of the front cover, shown above. You can also see other customer reviews. I definitely recommend this reading book and other readers from this company. They are great.

Out of five stars I give the Beehive Reader 1:

This hardback reader costs $19.95.

All About Spelling has many other products including uhhh.... Spelling... LOL. Free Blinkies You can check out the reviews of the Spelling program at the TOS Crew Blog here.
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***All About Spelling provided me with the Beehive Reader 1 so that I could do my review. Though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of it here in this post.



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