Wednesday, February 3, 2010

365-*33 Bounderies

I Spy by Kristal- an item, color or specific thing will be given to look for and must show up in at least one of your images this week.

Your assignment, if you so choose to play along is to find: Puzzle.
This is the assignment from last week.
Luckily my oldest daughter decided to work on a puzzle she got from a friend for Christmas.

When doing a puzzle it is beneficial to start with a border
having boundaries make it easier to get the puzzle done.
I was thinking it is the same with raising kids.
They do much better when they know what the boundaries are,
and that the borders of their life will stay stable.

 The Lord is good and teaches us things through all kinds of circumstances.
Even through photo assignments.

I have a hard time with this.
Consistency is not one of my virtues.
When the boys know what to expect for school and that I am going to stick to it our days go better. Like today! They are whizzing their way through school today.

I am working on this.
I am a piece of clay and the Master is not done with me yet!



Anonymous said...

So true about the boundaries! Looks like a puzzle

Tracy said...

Great job! fun!


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