Wednesday, February 3, 2010

365-32 Science Experiments

Chemical Reactions
I have been putting off doing experiments with the boys.
This is not good. Experiments are the fun part of chemistry, especially since we do "easy" ones with only household substances.
The experiments below were from:
Janice Van Cleave's
Chemistry for Every Kid
100 Easy Experiments that Really Work
(one of the things I like about Janice's experiments is that, unlike others we have tried, most of them do work!)

The ones are the tray are for finding starch,
the pennies on the plate are for making the pennies green with vinegar,
the egg in the jar is shown closer up, below.

close up of the bread with a drop of iodine on it
the iodine turned blue showing there was starch present

 we also did one for
Curds and Whey
 add vinegar to milk and stir, let it sit
the curds will separate from the whey

 Naked Egg
put an egg in vinegar
watch and see what happens over the next 24 hours

 the vinegar has "eaten" away the shell of the egg

 and left a rubbery feeling egg

this is the membrane of the egg after we broke it in the sink

We did a few other experiments also, but these are the ones I took pictures of.



knit1kids4 said...

I am so laxed on this too! And the boys just love it. I think I should just set aside certain days of the month to do it!

Tracy said...



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