Wednesday, February 17, 2010

365-48 Love Letters and Notes

I hope my photo mates at the 365 Project will forgive me.
I could not do just one photo.
None of the valentine cards are from this year.
I put this year's card somewhere and can't find it right now.
These are some of the letters and notes my husband has written to me over the years.
I just got the heart tin with chocolates in it this year for Valentines day,
along with a card, and dinner out and we went to a movie.
I decided to put some of the smaller notes and cards my husband has given me into the heart tin.
In there I have the first note my husband gave me. 
That was when I was Miss Weaver, a new teacher in the school run by the church he attended.
We had not even had a date yet.
I am not sure why I kept it at the time, but it is precious to me now.

You have to click on this picture to see what my funny honey did on this envelope.
One of my treasures.

On these two cards my husband did the artwork and created the whole card and sentiment himself.
Special, special treasures.
Do you have a collection?

I took these today thinking this would fulfill the assignment for the week.
Then I went to check and the assignment is to capture a person in an expression of love 
or showing the emotion of love, not just things that show love. 
So I thought I would post them anyway.


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Tracy said...

Sweet! You captured it perfectly!


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