Saturday, February 6, 2010

365-35-36 Blizzard Feb 2010

My favorites are numbered for the 365 Project

Friday Night 2-6-10
The snow started a couple hours before this.
There are a few crazies driving still.

Though this is very yellow from the lights I like this one.



This one turned out cool!

 Saturday Morning 2-7-10
Snow and ice on the bedroom window.

 A bird trying to find food in the storm

A video of the little bird

 The neighborhood sign in our front yard
and the street is there somewhere... LOL
and the homes and buried cars across the street

Our neighbor was trying to get out the driveway but gave up.

Across the main street by our house

Saturday afternoon about 4pm
Our neighbor's car with the snow even more deeply around it.

This is a cable box in our front yard. It is about 2 feet tall or so.
It is almost buried.

 The drift beside our car and our front yard and street.

Well, that is it for the pictures of the blizzard.
I am going to enjoy the rest of my afternoon and evening with my family.


Michele said...

Great pictures, Deb. I hope you are all hunkering down and enjoying this wonderful blizzard safely. There is no way we are going to try to go to church tomorrow, but if you do, please be careful. Talk with you soon!!

Mrs. White said...

The pictures are beautiful!

Mrs. White


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