Sunday, January 10, 2010

365-10 Winter Photos


I hope you do not get bored with my photos. I am trying not to do to much but we had a great trip to Winterthur Museum and Country Estate today and renewed our membership for the year. This is one of the places our family loves to get out in God's Nature and get some exercise too. I just could not pick only one photo. I hope that is ok. I did mark my favorite as 365-10 for today. I also did not post all the photos I took, that would have been too much, I only picked my favorites.

The view thru the trees. You can see a much further way without the leaves on the trees.

A close up of a viney tree.

The view straight up!!
Beautiful clear blue winter sky

Greens and Buds
waiting for spring

Gnarly old Tree
Japanese Red Maple

I am not sure what happened with this photo.
This has not been retouched!
It looks really cool though!
It looks like a black and white photo that was hand painted in certain areas.
On the left is Christopher, in the center is Rachel, and next to her on the right hand side of the picture is Nathan.

This, with the addition of Court, left bottom, and Jessica, right bottom of photo is how the one above should look.

This squirrel was either not afraid of people because of all the visitors at Winterthur, or he was just so interested in the food on the ground that he did not care if we got really close and took pictures. We were about two feet from him.

Nut and Cone

My favorite shot of the day
The bubbling fountain caused ice to form around the legs of this horse statue by the reflecting pond.

Here is a Video of the fountain.

 Bubbles under the Ice of the Reflecting Pond

Here is a video of this too.

I hope you all enjoyed this...
my regular readers...
and my new 365 Project mates.



Tracy said...

When I want to post a LOT of images, from a field trip, vacation, etc. I use this site:

It's pretty easy to use and fun!

Love the ice image! So cool!

Anonymous said...

Great shots - love the frozen brook

Katie said...

very nice ice shot! I also really like the greens and buds photo!!

Michele said...

These are great shots, Debbie, and who could get bored seeing His beautiful creation? Not me. Keep snapping those pics. Love you

Candi said...

You've got lots of great shots here


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