Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up - First week back after Christmas break

This week was a struggle. Getting back after a break is usually hard. This week seemed especially so. Maybe it is because before we took our break we were doing a "fun" unit on Tchaikovsky and the Nutcracker story for Christmas. Maybe it is because we took 3 weeks off instead of the usual 2. Maybe it is both things. Maybe it is just the winter blah's. Maybe I gave them to much work for the first week back, but we have some things to use for the TOS Review Crew. The boys dragged their way through our days and a couple of those days were very long. Hopefully next week will be better.

We did get a lot done though.
This is our together time:
We start with an Opening and Prayer - we are currently using Say Fellows

For History on Monday we read from an old book that is part of our TOS review of Dollar Homeschool products. Look for that review coming up in a few weeks. Tuesday - Thursday we read from World of Columbus and Sons by Genevieve Foster. As I said before that book covers more than just Columbus. This week we were studying Columbus's discovery of the islands in the Caribbean and other things going on around the world at that time, in 1492. Today we listened to The Story of Schubert in Words and Music (part of our Composer study but counting as our History today).

In Historical Fiction we started St. Bartholomew's Eve by G.A. Henty. It is scheduled later in our study but we have a bunch of Henty's in a row and they take a while to read aloud.

In Science we were going over molecules this week using: Christian Kids Explore Chemistry, Dinah Zike's Discovering Atoms, Molecules, and Matter, and HOAC's Lapbook - Foundations for Chemistry.

Composer study we covered Beethoven and Schubert in Young Scholar's Guide to Composer.

 On Monday we did two new pictures for our Artist study. We are studying Raphael. We did "Christ falling on the way to Calvary" and Deposition of Christ."

These things were in their workboxes, some were done together, some individually:Bible: we finished the mid series review and did the Israelite's dividing up the land of Israel between the tribes.

Language Arts: this week we are using some new products for TOS Review Crew. Grammar and Reading from Dollar Homeschool (we did this together), a handwriting program called Presidential Penmanship, and Wordsmith for Nathan and Wordsmith Apprentice for Christopher.

For Math they did there regular books: Nathan Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2, Christopher Saxon Algebra 1/2. 

In their other workboxes on various days the boys also did: Guitar with the Jean Welles Worship Guitar program, Typing with a new program from TOS Review Crew called Keyboarding for Christian Schools. For Building Life Relationships Nathan read Journey of the Heart. Christopher did Mathscore, an online program for practicing math facts. Again these extras were not done every day but 2 or 3 days a week, aternating subjects/curriculum.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we did this week. Join our Hostess and the other ladies doing the Weekly Wrap-Up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.



SmallWorld at Home said...

Wow--that looks like a very full week! I am totally with you on the hard-to-get-back issue. Phew!

Chef Penny said...

That sounds like you jumped back in with both feet! Good for you!

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

Our first week back wasn't great either...but it gets better! It looks like you were able to accomplish quite a bit though. That's good!


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