Monday, January 18, 2010

The High Cost of Raising a Child/ The Benefits of Raising Children

We were reading Say Fellows this morning for opening. We were on reading #12, Stewardship. We read the scripture that goes with the reading. The parable of the rich man and Lazarus. Then we did the reading. It started with asking, "How much is a boy worth?" The book was written in 1921 and so the cost of raising a child was considerably lower than it is today. After the reading I looked up the cost of raising a child today in a Google search and got a bunch of different numbers. This website,, puts it at $124,800 for the income bracket we are in. Wow, multiply that by the number of kids you have... WOW!!Free Smileys  And that is a conservative estimate. One site I went to said it was over a million per kid!!Free Blinkies I know we have not spent that much... we have not earned enough money to spend $4 million on our kids!! Surprised Smileys

Then I saw this link on the Google search page. I read it and read it to the boys leaving out the undergarment reference and the reference to one of the areas of education a parent gets, for the sake of my boys. So read it over for yourself mom's and maybe read it to your husband and/or children. It will do you good.


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ACK! That is a bit scary x 5 children..hehe!


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