Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update On Our Car

I thought I would do an update on what is going on with our new van. First I thought you all might like to see our new car. I don't think I ever posted a picture. We call it the chameleon van because in different lighting situations it looks different colors!Free Userbars

Tuesday I called the DMV and they said there was already an investigator on the case. The owner is quitting the business and evidently someone else called to complain. They are looking for the owner. He cannot be found, anywhere! Things are not good! Sad Smileys The lady I talked to took my information and said she would have the investigator call me.

The state investigator, who was already assigned this case, called me and took our information. They said we would have to have the car inspected again because there was no record of the first inspection. My husband ran it through inspection, not the dealer, so we know that it was done. I wrote down all the details to tell Court. When Court came home I told him about having to have the car re-inspected because they could not find a record in their computer. He decided to check the VIN  number, since that is how they find records for the car. The number he had written down on the paper for me was copied from a paper we got from the dealership, and they copied the VIN number down incorrectly. So I quickly called the DMV, they were open for only another 10 minutes, and they looked up the correct VIN number and said we did not have to have it re-inspected.

Then since we were gathering the things we would need for the DMV, Court looked at the insurance card. We must have given the same paper from the dealer with the wrong VIN number on it to the insurance company, because the insurance card had the same wrong #. That means, technically, that we did not have insurance on the van. Indifferent Smileys We called the insurance company and they said it would be no problem. We could come right down and they would print new cards for us. So off we went.

We got to the insurance company and got the cards. We went out and got in the car and started to leave and the car stalled. Luckily we were still in the parking lot. Court pulled over and tried to start the car. It would not start. Free Emoticons OK Lord, we are trusting you with this car... what are you doing now? We waited a few minutes and it still would not start. We tried 3 or 4 times, waiting between each time. There was a Pep Boys a couple of stores down and so we got out and walked over. We bought some dry gas stuff and talked to one of the guys about another problem Court was having with an accessory he bought for the car. We walked back to the car, put the dry gas in, and it started right up. Praise the Lord, Thank you Jesus. Happy Smileys My husband does not think it started because of the dry gas but just because it sat long enough. It has not stalled since then. Who knows why it did it that night??? Was the Lord allowing this further test to see if we were going to keep trusting him like we said we would??? I don't know. We may never know.

We stopped at McDonald's to grab something to eat because we had not expected to be out that long. Before we left we saw a friend from church walking our way. Court talked to him for a while. Then we left. On the way home we stopped at Staples.

Wednesday afternoon as soon as Court got home from work we gathered the paperwork and went to the DMV. Wednesday night is the only night the DMV is open. Only one day before our tags would run out. Unfortunately, I forgot my drivers license Embarrassed Smileys and so Court had to go back home and get it for me while I waited, hoping he would be back before they called our number. He had plenty of time. It takes so long at the DMV. They called our name. We told them our situation and long story short....oh, this has already been a long story Ashamed Smileys in order to not lengthen it more... after a few phone calls to verify the situation with the dealer, we were able to get a new temporary tag for 60 days. It cost us $10.

The bad part is we still do not have our car title. Free Avatars The dealer has that and he can't be found. So technically we do not own our car yet. We also can't get a registration until the title is changed over to our name. We are trusting the Lord. He gave us peace when we prayed to him about the car before we purchased it. If something goes terribly wrong he can replace it. Please continue to pray that the state investigator will be able to locate the dealer and get him to pay for our title transfer and registration and tax to the state. We already paid him the money for all that when we bought the car, we paid him with a check. It could take months. Pray this all gets settled within the next 60 days. If is does not all get settled within 60 days we will have to get new temporary tags again. They will not cost anything the next time. 

Thanks for caring and keep praying for us,


midwest mama said...

My husband and I are praying for your situation...I'm so sorry this is happening. Hang in there (hugs).

Lee Giles said...

What a time! I'm thankful you at least have tags. The Lord is faithful. Trust and obey--that's your part. He'll figure out the rest :)

Sheri said...

I am wondering if that stalling out was to avoid an accident? I guess you won't know til you're on the other side-that is so very frustrating and well, downright irritating. Hopefully, they will be able to find that dude. Hubby says you may have to apply for a new title-which takes a while, so there is hope. I can get more details for ya-hubby deals with car selling/buying all the time. Praying for ya dear. Van looks pretty tho! :0)


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