Saturday, January 23, 2010

365-19-22 Fathers, Food and Fun + our assignment for the week 365-*23 Content

So sorry I have not posted my pictures for a while. The week has been crazy. Well this should catch me up.


These are the binoculars my dad carried in WWII.
They are covered with leather that has worn off some.
I am not sure why one side turned green, some kind of reaction with the metal or something.


These are the same pictures but, they have been corrected by my dh.

Fun -
learning to sew

Christopher doing his first sewing project.
He has wanted a bag to hold his Bible for church or
anything else he wants like his reading books.
It is a bag like Indiana Jones uses in the Indiana Jones movies, it is made of denim. I will try to get a picture of him with his bag tomorrow.


A trip to BB's yielded this bounty of food.
 The brown bags and cooler have freezer and refrigerator stuff.
The other bags have dry goods and canned goods.
We go to BB's once every 4-6 months.
The assignment for this week was...

Emotions and Expressions - this is about finding different people and capturing their emotions or expressions in at least one image that week. Your assignment, if you so choose to play along is to find: CONTENT

The picture above is content for me. 
A basement that will have selves full of food for the coming months...

but we were supposed to take a picture of an emotion on the face of a person so...

I captured this!

Jessica and her daddy!

 Have a great Sunday.
We are having the groundbreaking for our new addition to our church tomorrow. I should have some great pics to post.


Jessica said...

Wow! Those pics of the binoculars are great mom! I think I like the originals better than the corrected ones though! lol! :)

Your daughter,

Anonymous said...

Some great pictures - love the binoculars

Tracy said...

Love the binoculars! Pantry filled with food makes me feel richer than money in the bank does!


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