Wednesday, January 13, 2010

365 - *12 - 13 Christmas Decorations at Winterthur

Each week for the 365 Project we have an assignment.
This weeks assignment was called Bokeh.
I had to look it up.

Here is the post with the directions for what we were suppose to do.
Sunday Assignment 2~ Technique: Bokeh

I was lucky. When we were at Winterthur on Sunday, the first day of the new challenge, I took an "out of focus" picture that shows Bokeh. It looks cool! I did not try to take this picture but it happened and I am going to count it. So I accidentally got this picture before I even knew what the assignment was going to be. My daughter Jessica got much better photos and did hers on purpose.

This is what the decoration looks like when it is in focus.

This is my favorite.
I took this from directly underneath the decoration.
The man at the desk said I should lay on the ground and take one,
I did not want to embarrass myself or my kids so I took it while standing.



Tracy said...

LOL! Well great accidental photo! :)

Tracy said...

Make sure to add this link to the Bokeh Assignment MckLinky!

Jenn said...

Excellent job!!! I think it looks great.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job

Marice said...

great capture :)

u may view mine here


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