Monday, January 18, 2010

356-16-18 WWII Conch Shell

This shell was picked up by my dad when he was in the war. He wrote the names of the U.S. bases he was stationed at and the islands of the Pacific he was at during WWII. This is one of my precious treasures. Some of the names of the islands he visited are not very legible, the U.S. bases he was stationed at and his name and rank are still very visible however.




The ones on the dark blue paper were my favorite, but they came out rather dark.

These are some of the same pictures, and some additional ones, however they were corrected by my dear photography loving, artistic husband. The first two are the same as the ones above then two extra's of my favorites on the darker blue paper.





Tracy said...

How neat! I love history and items from the past!

Anonymous said...

Great set of pictures :) especially the importance of the writing.

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a neat treasure to have

Jennifer said...

That was clever of your dad, and how lucky you are to have it.


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