Tuesday, July 6, 2010

365-185-187 Summer Flowers

On Wed. last week, 6/30/10 we had a cool day,
and we decided to enjoy the day,
by taking a nice walk in our favorite spot
instead of being cooped in the house in the air conditioning.

I did not expect to find many flowers growing at Winterthur.
We have had such a warm Spring and Summer I expected to find only trees
I thought the flowers would all be dead.

I was pleasantly surprised.
I hope you enjoy these pictures like I did the live flowers.

the photos above and below this script are the same
except I lightened the top one with Picassa
which do you like better
I couldn't decide


Tracy said...

Gorgeous on the pink ones and love Hydes...

Kelly said...

Love the hydrangeas (sp?), and the lilies. These were wonderful pictures.


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