Wednesday, July 28, 2010

365-191-205 Our 26th Anniversary Trip

My Hubby took me away for our anniversary two weeks ago. I have been busy getting ready for school to start and I haven't had time to post our pictures. We had a great time on our anniversary. We went to a movie and then to a nice dinner. We enjoyed our selves. Then we went to the hotel. The pictures are not the typical pictures you would see of a lovely spot we got to visit for our anniversary. They are of this...

This is the newly renovated room we stayed in!!!

So... do you call that newly renovated???
I don't.
Not only all that but the mattress killed my back and we cut our trip short. I went home and spent two day recuperating on the couch!!!

I am not sure I can ever stay at a...
 Ever Again!
I surely WON"T be staying at this one!!!

Well at least my TOS Tote had a relaxing and good time... LOL

I love my TOS Tote.


Briana said...

How cute, I love the pics of your tote kicking back!

Tracy said...



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