Monday, July 26, 2010

Blast From The Past - Family Camp 1991

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We are not a family that has ever sent our kids off to summer camp alone.
We have, however, all gone to camp together as a family.
This is Camp Calvary in PA.
The church we went to when the kids were little went to this camp.

The white thing on the hill going down to the pond is a water slide.

Me diving

Dh diving and in the pool

My nephew Jason

Jason and Jessica
This is how you amuse young children!

Rachel and I

Rachel walking the log.
The log was used for "fights." Try to knock me off.
You land in the pool so no one gets hurt.

Brave Girl

Splash Down

Bathing Beauty

Show Off!

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Sorry this is late getting posted. We started school today and things are hectic getting started. Hopefully I can get on a schedule and get these posts done ahead of time and scheduled to post on Monday mornings.


Heather said...

Great photos! What fun. I like the picture linky as well.

Michelle said...

I do love the photos that you shared!

I'm coming by this week to let you know that your blog is included in this week's Blog Walk!

Lorie said...

Camp Calvary! My husband and sons go there every year for the Sportsman's Retreat and my boys usually go for Snow Camp in the winter.

Great pictures.


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