Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer To-Do List and Summer Fun lists 2010

Updated: July 6 (Updated items, new items done are hightlighted with yellow) Less than 3 weeks until school starts back up!! Lots to still do!
  1. Thorough Cleaning and Organizing of my Bedroom (desk done, corner by my closet partly done, scrapbook table cleaned off (a few things have crept back on, but it's not as messy as it was), top shelf of bookcase cleaned and dust free)
  2. Organize Homeschool Books
  3. Catch up on e-mail
  4. Spring Cleaning the rest of the house (partly done... still a lot to do though... it may become fall cleaning Free Blinkies)
  5. Inventory of Household on Lobster Network (will not be doing this)
  6. Work on portfolios from this past year of school
  7. Catch up on Nathan's high school records
  8. Finish TOS Reviews (Terrestria Chronicles, Artistic Pursuits, AP Writing, Lobster Network, and Kregel- Andrea Carter and the Trouble with Treasure)
  9. Make my Prayer Book (made one for hubby too for Father's Day)
  10. Read the rest of the Terrestria Chronicles (book 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) {4 is done but you can't see the strikethrough}
  11. Read the two newest Redwall books
  12. Read Kingdom's Dawn (and the rest of The Kingdom Series by Chuck Black)
  13. Plan the new Writing Curriculum I bought for next year- Institute for Excellence in Writing (NEW: have a schedule for doing this the week of the 19th with a group on the IEW Yahoo Group)
  14. Spend time scrapbooking
  15. Get time away with my husband, overnight... just... us... two!!!
  16. Spend time having fun with my family including: Walks at Winterthur ~ 5-26-10,
  17. playing board and computer games ~ 5-24-10 (played 10 Days in the USA and Spoons (there seem to be many variations on the Net this link takes you to rules the way we play, laughed a lot, all 6 of us played both games)
  18. going to the Memorial Day Parade with my family and my Mom
  19. watching some movies (we have done lots of movie watching this HOT summer)
  20. New Goals added to the list: Plan year long Physics Unit for Science, for this coming school year
  21. Laminate stuff for school (on my new laminator)
  22. Make check off sheets for TOS Crew Reviews
  23. Make check off sheets for keeping track of the reviews of my mini crew 
  24. Download TOS Expo mp3's
  25. Inventory of all our Books on program on Linux (this will be a year long project, I will not finish this summer, but I will be working on it... little by little)
    Click the link if you would like to see my Summer To-Do List (with pictures)

    Here is a link to a great post about how to spend your S.U.M.M.E.R. Time
    Here are some links with lists of things to do with or for your children to do by themselves this summer:
    100 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids and Parents
    Kids activities familyfunAlmost 100 Summer Activities to keep you kids Busy and Active

    Have a Productive and Fun Filled Summer,

    Update: #9. Prayer book finished
    See all the pictures here: Prayer Book

    Update: #18 Memorial Day Parade attended
    See the pictures here: Memorial Day 2010

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