Monday, July 12, 2010

Blast From The Past - My Wedding

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Our 26th Wedding Anniversary is Wednesday
Here are some pictures from the Wedding.

We were married by my high school science teacher who was also a seminary graduate and had the right credentials.... long story. Suffice it to say neither of our pastors would marry us. Also the reason we got married in the yard next to my sister's house instead of in a church.

Receiving Line

The Wedding Party

We were driven to the Reception by my brother-in-law's Father in his old Ford.
He also decorated it for us.

The Reception

Thanks to those who worked in the kitchen.
(left to right) friend Barbara, Aunt Charlotte, and Aunt Grace

My sister-in-law made the cake

The Mothers
My mom next to me, Court's mom next to him.



Professional Photo

I hope you will join me in doing the blast this week. Read the rules, grab my button and link up.


Vickie said...

Great photos. I just may have to join in on this one although I don't have wedding photos (we weren't thinking of a camera that day :( Funny how neither of your ministers would marry you. We were told we'd never make it and would divorce within a year, 2 tops. We celebrated our 31st anniversary last Januray :)

God's Blessings

Chris said...

Oh, I remember it well - that was definitely a blast from the past. We had so much fun doing your wedding. Have a wonderful anniversary, and you don't look old enough to be celebrating your 26th! (lol) Have a great Wednesday! Love you lots, Chris

Jamie said...

What a wonderful day, Debbie! Love the silly one!


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