Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trip to Wilbur's Chocolate Factory... and 365-234-242

...and we went a few other places too.
Hubby is laid off from work. I had wanted to do a Not Back-to-school day. A day where we celebrated the fact that we were not bound by the schedule of the public schools. I wanted to do it on the public schools first day... but... I did not look up when the school started and they started before I thought they were going to. So, since we could just choose our schedule we just picked a day when it was convenient for us. 

Wednesday this past week was the day.
We started the day with pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Yummm!
These are my favorite muffins!!!
This photo was taken by one of my girls the last time we had these muffins.
Then we gathered and got ready and got on the way.
We traveled to Pennsylvania to our favorite spot. But we had fun all the way.

Found the black and white settings on my camera.
Tried it out on a couple of photos.

I took this picture while we were getting gas.

Cool looking cloud cover.

Then I tried out the sepia setting.
See... we haven't even left our neighborhood and already they are acting up.
This is what a day off from school does to the kids.

We headed for the Lancaster area.
All along the way along with our adventures of getting chocolate and eating lunch I tried to take pictures for the Scavenger Hunt for the 365 project.

An attempt at a vanishing point... quite interesting I think.

Something you might see if you were Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz
and while you are at it just a nice picture of a farm and silos and some lovely looking corn.

Another vanishing point

We love Wilbur's!!
It's in Lititz, PA.

Chocolate molds

Lovely old candy making things


Chocolates anyone?

Don't you love the prices?

Edible castle and figures

Edible Merry-Go-Round and Ballet Shoes

Eat your History or Science

Being made for a Chocolate Walk in October...
Bugs Life in Chocolate.


More lovely old things.

Attempts at
"A group photo taken in the style of 100 years ago (no one smiling)"
for the scavenger hunt.
Rachel smiling

Jessica smiling

Trying really hard not to smile.

The other side of the sign I used for the scavenger hunt.
Come, Lord Jesus!

Wouldn't you love to attend an old-fashioned ice cream social?
It sounds like fun to me!

I kept the camera pointed out the window and took pictures as we were on the way to lunch. Some of them came out quite blurry, others quite nicely.

We arrived at Shady Maple for lunch and ate well.
It is a smorgasbord... all you can eat... YUMM!

After that we went down to the gift shop.

Another attempt at a vanishing point...
lovely but didn't work to well.

Another attempt at a vanishing point... better, but I like the one I put in the slideshow better.

some lovely baskets

I was going to use this for my something Dorothy from the Wizard of  Oz would see for the scavenger hunt.
"Lions, and Tigers and Bears, Oh My"
Until I found the Tin Man on the way home.

Silly Kids and my Sweetie!

Love to see my kids enjoying each other.

More attempts at serious faces, group photo
Rachel smiling

Success! Though Christopher, back right, looks mad not just serious.

On the way home.
Taken out the window of our moving vehicle... lovely shot down the hill with the other hills in the background.

A lovely yard with lovely flowers.

More photos out the window of the moving car.

Love the way this shot came out with the tree on the left and the clouds and fields.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our day out.
We had a great time together.
It was nice to take a day and be together on a "school day" for the kids in our area.
Our NOT back-to-school, day trip was a huge success.

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