Monday, August 30, 2010

EXTRA Sunday Assignment #2~ Scavenger Hunt! Now Complete!!!!

I had soooo much fun taking these!! It was very challenging. I found that I had black and white and sepia setting on my camera (and a few other settings I did not know about) which was very exciting. That's what I get for not exploring my camera enough or reading the book all the way through. So, I am glad the challenge taught me more about my camera.

Free UserbarsI got the last photo I needed. I am so excited! I have all 20 photos!!

One of my favorites is the cloud (accidental heart shape), it was such a God thing. I was sitting in the library with my hubby and asked God to let me see a heart shape in the clouds before we left the library. I was working on things on my laptop and hubby was across from me on his laptop and there were lots of fluffy white clouds in the sky. I would look up every couple of minutes. Right when we were ready to go home I saw this and snapped the picture... a couple seconds later and it no longer looked like a heart. Thanks God... and maybe that makes it not so accidental, but I don't care if I that disqualifies me. It was so encouraging to have God do that for me.

I also love the one of my hubby sitting on the bench...A photo in the style of a romantic landscape painting, it looks so romantic to me... I would love to just sit next to him for a good long while. I did sit next to him for a few minutes but we had all 4 kids with us so they were anxious to get going again.

Here are some other favorites:
#5. came out pretty good, we had to do a number of takes on that one to get a shot with no one smiling
#6. The tin man... I love this... we saw this on a man's porch, my hubby did a u-turn for me, we stopped. He saw us he came out and gave me permission to photograph it. He said he has had lots of people stop... it was just so perfect... such a God thing!
11. Ripples in Water came out gorgeous
14. The Black and White image was just so cute!! love to see my kids lovin on each other!!
17. Something shiny in the sunlight - I love rocks so this mica schist shining in the sun was just up my alley!!
I hope you enjoyed my slideshow... let me know what you think.
Which was your favorite photo??


Tracy said...

GREAT job!!!! So far you are first...complete it and you are the winner!

Tracy said...

P.S. I LOVED the HEART cloud and the Tin man WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candi said...

What a great job! I didn't even attempt this because many of the items seemed to difficult to find.

Tracy said...

Great job!!!


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