Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010 - Dec. 1

After the wonderful success of the 2010 Gratitude Challenge last month, Brenda at Garden of Learning is hosting the Holiday Bliss 2010 Meme now.  Click on the button above to check it out. I did not do to well with the Gratitude Challenge... the stress of the renovations going on at our house kept me from posting anything much. So... I don't know if I will post every day or not... I will try and if I miss some, oh well, life happens off of this blog and that is just the way it is.

For this first post I am going to link you to my post about our decorating our home and tree on Black Friday. If you did not see it then here is the link... Decorating for Christmas 

I also wanted to take a couple close ups and pictures of things I forgot to take a picture of that day...
I will get that done soon.

See I am already a day behind. We are spending today celebrating the fact that hubby and boys got the renovations completed: new storm door on front of house with new trim around it, new trim on back door {the storm door actually fell off because the trim was rotten}, toilet put in our first floor laundry room (for my mom especially stairs are hard for her, and us, to use) and painting done. Hope to find curtains for the laundry room today too.... back door has a window in it and there is a little window in that room too. Need curtains there now so people cannot see in. Will take pictures when the curtains get put up.

Count this as yesterday's post and I will do another post for today, later.

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