Thursday, December 30, 2010

Most Viewed Posts and Pages from May – December 2010

A friend and fellow crew mate, Tristan at Our Busy Homeschool, posted My Top 10 Posts in 2010 and I thought it was fun so I decided to do it also...

So here are the top posts and pages for the last six months from

I am posting each popular post and page with the link in case you are now interested in boosting that posts readership Happy Smileys
  1. Homeschool Memoirs #28: Life Skills  posted March 6, 2009  had 740 page views 
  2. Lego Organization, Clean-up, Storage and Display Part 1  posted Jan 14, 2009   376 page views 
  3. Make Memories with Books and a Seminar by Cindy Ruston    posted Nov. 4, 2008   373 page views 
  4. Not Back To School Blog Hop - School Room   posted Aug. 10, 2010    359 page views 
  5. How do you organize your files on the computer?   posted July 3, 2010   323 page views 
  6. Favorite Non-School Games   posted March 4, 2009   190 page views 
  7. 2008 Beijing Olympic Lapbook Minis and Maps   posted Aug. 8, 2008   135 page views 
  8. The Blog Cruise - Thinking about Homeschooling? New Homeschooler? Here is some advice from a Veteran    posted Aug. 16, 2010    120 page views
Top 2 Pages (tabs at the top)
  1. Memes  205 page views 
  2. Resources for 2010-2011 School Year 139 page views
It was interesting to see that some posts I did in 2008 are still most popular with people.

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Laura O said...

Quite interesting. And, now I'm feeling inadequate as my posts do not have those high of numbers! That, and so many of my giveaways are ousting other posts for the count.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Happy New Years! Here’s to a fabulous new year!


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