Friday, December 10, 2010

365-341-344 Cleaning and Organizing

You may be wondering why I am saying WooHoo when this post is about cleaning and organizing??? Are you???

Well I said WooHoo because I have a day off from homeschooling. My hubby and boys went with a man from church to volunteer at the Sunday Breakfast Mission in Philadelphia. The day counts as school for the boys... Community Service... great to do this time of year... and they will be doing some repair work so that can count as Home and Life Management. While they are gone the girls and I have the house to ourselves!!!!! I am cleaning my room... Flat surfaces in our home tend to get things piled on them...

So here are the areas I am concentrating on.

First is my scrapbook table in my bedroom... This gets cluttered to quickly. I want to clean this up so that during Christmas break from school I can take some time to scrapbook.

 This is under the table in my bedroom. I need to re-organize this area too... lots of things just stuffed under here.

 Clothes and Books to be put away by my closet.


When I get all the above done my next project is to finish organizing my books... whether that happens today or later. I have boxes and stacks of books that I have gotten used in the past few months and I need to get them on the shelves. In order to do that I have had to take some books off the shelves that we are not currently using. The ones we are not currently using need to be boxed up...

then I have to find a place to put the boxes. Free Smileys

While doing all this I am watching favorite movies... right now that is Christmas in Connecticut (the 1992 TV Movie)... after that... maybe another Christmas favorite... see my list that I just posted for the Holiday Bliss.

The girls and I also want to have a special lunch together, since the boys are gone all day. Maybe I will take pictures of that, too. Later or tomorrow I will take after pictures so you can see my progress.

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Tracy said...

A lot to do! Hope you got it done.

We are on a clean OUT, kick. GET RID of it ALL!!! Loving the freedom from stuff.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

You are gonna have to post some "after" pics!


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