Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goals 2010 Update Before End Of Year

I wanted to review and update you on how I did with my 2010 goals before I set some new ones and continue others for 2011.

If you want to see my other posts about my goals here they are, in chronological order:

The last update for this years goals was Oct. 23 as you see above. As in previous goals posts I have highlighted the updates in yellow. The original goals are not highlighted.

Personal Goals:
  • Continue being consistent with my devotions. 
    • I was doing well in this area but I have not been having daily devotions lately. I don't know why I let the busyness of this wonderful season and my own laziness keep me from setting aside time for my Lord and Savior every day. I enjoy my devotions and don't know why I can't be consistent. I guess it is just my flesh trying to win out and excuses about all the things I have to get done that make me skip devotions. What can I do about it. Start today spend time in the word, pray, listen to music... and not wait until New Years to start doing what I should.
Health and Fitness
  • Exercise more, more often and consistently. Start by walking 10-15 minutes a day on the Elliptical Walker
    • I started exercising on our Wii and then I got a sinus cold/infection. I have been fighting it for a couple weeks off and on. We also had sick kids and the holidays so I have not kept up with things like I wanted to. I plan to start working out again this week hopefully or next for sure. I got Biggest Loser for the Wii for Christmas and plan to start using that as well as my Wii fit exercises.
  • Eat better and loose weight. Start by drinking more water and making sure to eat more fruit throughout the day and veggies at lunch.
    • Lbs lost so far??? I don't know? Probably nothing or maybe even a gain with the Christmas cookies and treats my daughter made and my hubby and son's birthdays the past week also. This will definitely be one of the ongoing goals for 2011.
  • Read some books on homeschooling and other educational topics. Start by reading Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell (a TOS Homeschool Review book).Work on my own writing projects.
    • Still reading and need to work on finishing: 
      • Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling still. Little by little. I am now about half way through the book.
      • Cat and Dog Theology by Sjogren and Robison (we used this for summer Sunday School at our church), I need to get that finished. 
      • 30 Days to Understand the Bible book with my boys for Bible Class. We used this as a supplement for our Sunday School this past spring. I never did the book but am doing it now with the boys. They are liking it. We do a little each day.
      • Prodigal God by Timothy Keller. We are using this book and a video series for Growth Group. The whole church is doing this series right now, together.We missed a couple weeks because of sickness so I am not sure where we are with this book.
  • Work a little each week on the History Unit study projects I was working on or the E-book on Homeschool Organizing I was writing.
    • I have not worked on this. I need to get going on it.

  • Spend some time scrapbooking. Spend one afternoon at least every other week doing scrapbooking. 
    • I have not done any scrapbooking since my last update. I will need to clean off my table again be fore I can do any. LOL I plan to do this today as I wanted to scrapbook while on Christmas break and I have not done so yet... Christmas break is winding down and soon I will be starting back to homeschooling... so today is the day! Free Userbars
  • Read some books for pleasure. Read Kingdom's Dawn by Chuck Black.
    • I started reading Written on the Wind by Judith Pella but I am not sure what chapter I am on.
  • Continue blogging and remember it is supposed to be for fun and for the records for my family.Write more consistently on my blog at least 3 posts a week
    • I have really slacked off during the holidays. I will finish up the 365 project with Christmas photos and New Years photos. I will not be joining again for next year but will continue to post photos as I see fit.
    • I want to join back in on some meme's.
    • I want to start back to doing the Blog Cruise questions with my fellow Crew Mates at TOS.
Homeschool Goals:
  • Keep doing the Workboxes
    • Doing well with this... and will be back to this when we start back after our Christmas break.
  • Be more consistent on recording daily in our school log. 
    • I have been doing better than last year but I need to be even more consistent 
  • Be consistent with reviewing the boys daily assigned work and making sure they complete everything assigned to them and then put the stuff away in the folders/notebooks where it belongs. 
    • Doing ok but needs more work.More consistency. You can only expect what you inspect.
  • Complete the TOS Homeschool Crew Review Year.
    • Second year going well. Much less pressure and less reviews. Review are more spread out and thus more manageable. 

Family/Relationship Goals:
  • Healthier Eating -more fruits and vegetables. 
    • Needs work. Me being on Weight Watchers will help as I will make sure we have more fruit and veggies in the house and less junk for snacks.
  • Exercise at home on both our Bowflex (for muscle strengthening) and our Elliptical Walker and then also outside at Winterthur Estate and Gardens Needs work. Make exercise a priority for the boys 
    • Needs work. The Wii is definitely helping as the boys love it. It is no chore to get them to use the Wii fit for 30 min. or more a day.
  • More singing as a family - Work on new song for special music.
    • We sang end of  Nov. 
    • I have not idea what the schedule will bring for 2011
  • Regular Personal Devotions for each family member and regular Family Devotions in the evening. Encourage the boys to do their devotions before school each day.
    • They now do morning devotions with their dad and they are all enjoying that.
  • Family evening read-aloud time more consistently. Needs work. We started reading Terrestria Chronicles book 1.
    • Need to get back to doing family devotions time... but this is hubby's responsibility. I need to encourage him though. We have not been consistent in this area. I forget what book of the Bible we were reading and we are reading Terrestria Chronicles book 2 but should be further than that.
  • Get back to evening read aloud time with the boys.
    • I have not been doing it. I think we are still on Little House in the Big Woods. They just mentioned getting back to reading the Little House books, they said they miss doing that.
  • Get back to meal planning because meals are more varied and we will have the ingredients shopped for ahead of time.
    • We started back to doing this and now we stopped again. The holidays have made things crazy this year... more than usual. We had leftovers last night. Tonight I cook and I don't know what I am making. Friday night is 16yo son Nathan's night to cook and New Year's Eve so we play games and stay up late... Need to get back to meal planning and regular shopping.  
  • Spend more time with my dear husband
    • We have done a lot of shopping together and watched some movies... need more alone time though... after my Mom goes home. 
  • Spend time once a week with one of my kids, just mom and one of the kids having lunch in my bedroom alone and then doing whatever the child wants to do. Usually a combo of eating, talking and playing board games and/or computer games.
    • Just recently I said I was going to start this again. But, I still have not. I need to start with my youngest and schedule it on the calendar so I can keep track of who is next for their turn. We can add time on the Wii together to this now. The kids like playing with someone for this. Maybe we should do some Wii time for New Years Eve too. It really is a good time and we enjoy it and I need to spend some time having fun with my kids.
So that is my goals for 2010 updated again. All in all I am not pleased. There are way to many "I have not..." and "need to work on this..." items above... I hope to improve in a number of these areas in 2011 and have an even better report the end of next year. Two of the things I want to do for 2011 are print and laminate my goals... keeping a printed list will help me see my goals daily and set priorities better. I also want to update my goals monthly on my blog to keep myself more accountable... maybe I will make a blog button for this too.
I hope you will consider setting some goals for 2011 with me. Because i believe it is better to have goals and not achieve all that you want than to not know where you are headed at all. Because after all... If you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it.

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Laura O said...


The fact that you set goals and tried to meet them is an accomplishment in itself! Some of us were on survival mode last year and looking back can say that there was a lack of direction at times.

Reading your post has inspired me to make specific goals for the upcoming year and work towards meeting them . But, before I share publicly, I'm going to pray over them!

Dorie said...

Such a thorough listing with wonderful goals. I have to agree with that statement "it is better to have goals and not achieve all that you want than..."
Thanks for sharing your list!


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