Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Bliss Day 16 - Christmas Ornament for this Year

I have wanted to post for the Holiday Bliss every day, but I have been busy... how about you??? I have been shopping with my hubby, cleaning, homeschooling, doing review posts for TOS, and more.

Each year I make an ornament for the family. I started this a couple years ago. I wanted the kids to have ornaments to take to their new homes when they got married. That way they will have things to put on their tree and won't have to buy so much and the memories will be great too. 

This is the ornament I am making for the family this year. 

A caroler holding their music.

Here is the link to the site... she has a lot of freebies.
She has a whole page of plastic canvas stuff. The link above will take you right to the section with the ornaments. There you will see the patterns for the ornaments I am making this year for the family. Caroler Kids (Boy and Girl) Ornaments.

Since we like to sing and are going caroling this year, and have previous years, I thought this would be good. I am of course changing the colors to fit my family and making a different color scheme for each. The picture above is of my daughter Rachel's. The only other change I made to the pattern is that I made french knots for the eyes instead of doing regular stitches. My hubbies will be blue, Jessica's will be burgundy and black, Nathan's will be orange and black, Christopher's will be green and black, mine will be lavender and purple.

If you want to see the ornaments from previous years I posted them in this post - Holiday Bliss Day 4

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

How cute! The boys and I have been making ornaments as well. (Although, I'm afraid my needlework days are behind me) I love that you are personalizing each one.

Lisa said...

We buy ornaments for our kids every year. My daughter-in-law really liked getting them but it was very hard for me to give them to her. So many memories!

Michelle said...

So precious.
You will cherish the ornaments.

Merry Christmas!


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