Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Bliss - Day 3 - Christmas Unit Studies

Each year, up until this year, we did special units in Dec. They gave us a break from the regular work, they were a way to focus on the importance of the reason for the Christmas Season and they gave us a way to take more time for family and for gift making. Three of our favorite studies were the Names of Jesus, Good Christian Men Rejoice (a Christmas Carols study) and the Symbols of Christmas unit study we did.

They were all by Karen Caroe. They can still be found as I originally did them at the following website:

But two of the Unit Studies have been revised and updated and they along with many other Christmas activities can be found at

I will also give you the direct links from Easy Fun School so you don't get lost looking for them. She has so many great things at her site... just for Christmas... not counting the many, many other subjects... that I wanted to make it easy for you.

The Names of Jesus -
Quote from this link - "The "Names of Jesus" holiday unit study was originally written by Karen Caroe in 1998. With her gracious permission I have edited and expanded the unit. It now is 149 pages long and contains many additional activities and worksheets for each of the 24 names studied. Activities include, but are not limited to discussion questions, handwriting worksheets, cross-curricular activities from various academic areas, crafts, puzzles, and more."
One Blessed Christmas - (Originally written as "The Symbols of Christmas" by Karen Caroe -- now adapted and expanded by Kathryn Martinez.)
same as One Blessed Christmas but link to the pdf -

Good Christian Men Rejoice! not expanded... the same as the original on the happy homeschool site:

I was not doing lapbooks at the time that we did these studies... I wish we had been but I didn't know anything about lapbooks then. To add to your studies on the units above I found this for you...

Here is an interesting blog post. She does not name the exact names of Christ but most of them you can figure out easily... this may give you some ideas for things to add to your study of the names of Jesus ... or you could do the Jesse Tree like she did. There are lots of links for Jesse Tree things and maybe I will do some of them for Sat.'s post. For now here is the blog link I found:

More resources for Christmas Carols unit
She is moving stuff over to her Squidoo Lens - here:
   Note: Tchaikovsky-Nutcracker-Ballet lapbook and study from her Squidoo site last year and loved it. Here is that link too...

So check out these links and get started on a special unit study with your kids. Just in time for the Christmas season.

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Jennifer said...

I'm going to keep this page open and come back later to these resources, thanks. Right now I'm downloading the Names of Jesus study. THANKS!

Michele said...

Thanks Debbie! I have a couple of these but not all of them. I love Christmas unit studies!

The Unsell Family said...

Thanks for all of the great resources/links, Debbie!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I have been so grateful for Unit Studies this week. This one on the symbols isn't like anything we have, I think I'd like to use that, thank you!

Kelly said...

I just found the Names of God one the other day. Thanks for sharing all the resources. I'll be checking on these because I think we are leaning to smaller holiday themed studies for the rest of the month.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Thank you for the great resources. We really enjoy doing Christmas unit studies. I've sort of thrown together a few things for this year, so it's not as cohesive as normal.


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