Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Bliss Day 5 - More Holiday Decorations (also 365-334-340)

I wanted to share some more pictures of our decorations, some are close ups of ones I took before some are items that I missed taking photos of on Black Friday.

This is now late. I have something else I wanted to post for today. So I am posting this for yesterday as I had planned, even though it is now today and not yesterday and I will post something for today in a little while when I get the links done. Is that clear as mud???

 I switched out my normal items for Christmas ones in my shadow box in the dining room.

 The wreath on the inside of our front door..
the beads my daughter added are still hard to see but they are there.
you can see the beads well if you right click on photo and open link or photo in new tab.

This wreath hangs on the outside of our front door.

 This hangs next to the front door... 

Close ups of three of the individual ornaments of the 12 Days of Christmas
made by my lovely sister-in-law Irene

Close ups of decorations on the piano... at the level of the piano keys.
If you want to see a picture of the whole piano with tree next to it or the whole wall of the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments, or you just missed that post completely, Click Here to go to the post.

Close ups of decorations on the top of the piano

Ceramic bears in a sleigh and Paddington dressed for Christmas

Our manger scene...
one of the wise men seems to have gone missing...
don't know where he is or what happened to him.

Large Angel Dolls

 Love my bunny family
Grandpa in back on left, Grandma back right
then Brother, Mom, Dad, Sister bunny in front

That's it... you have now seen all our decorations.

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SisterTipster said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the cross stitch pillows~did you do them? We have one of those horns too~love the wreaths!
Have a blessed day! hugs!

Debbie said...

Small cross stitched pillow ornaments were done by my Sister-in-law. She did them two a year per family and so it was 6 years to get the whole set.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

What lovely decorations. I really like the 12 days of Christmas cross-stitched pillows/ornaments.


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