Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Favorite Non-School Games

This is our Game Closet.
Each of the pictures below may be clicked on to see a closer up version for more detail.

We are a family that likes games, the kids and I more than my husband though.
I got my love of playing games from my mom. When she is visiting we always play games though she prefers the ones I am going to talk about today and not the ones I talked about that we use for and count as school. See the post

Homeschool Memoirs #12 - Let's Play a Game

She prefers games of chance and not games of skill, thinking or answering questions like we use primarily for school.

The games in our game closet are sorted by topic. With the Math, Language, Bible, Science, History, and just for fun games kept together.

On the very top shelf, barely showing in the picture above you see we have been keeping games to use when babysitting or having young visitors. Our closet is getting very full though and these may have to be moved to an easily accessible box in the basement in the near future. We do already have some other young peoples game in the basement.

This is the box in the basement. We keep it on our small freezer.

This is a view of the box from the top so you can see the titles of the games.

These are smaller games that we keep in plastic bags because the boxes got destroyed.

Now back to the game closet in the living room. Here is a list of some of our favorites from the many we have:Blokus, Blokus Trigon, Whoonu, Mouse Trap, Six Cubes, Doodle Tales, Imaginiff, Cadoo, Cranium Turbo Edition, Backgammon, Sequence, Parcheesi, Catch Phrase, Chicken Coop, Flinch, Dutch Blitz, Clue, Slamwich, Clue the Card Game, Uno, For Get It, Stacks

Even homemade games like Book-Opoly by my dd Jessica and my ds Christopher.

Go see the post at Young Homemakers for details about this game:

Homemade Game

So.. as you can see from the full closet,
the fact that we have made our own games
(and this was not the first nor the last homemade game)
we have whole school days where we only play games


I hope you enjoyed this look into our home,



MichelleMarie said...

Wow! That is a lot of games! Looks like fun!! We love games, especially on rainy days like we have been having lately

Martha said...

Wow Wee! That's a lot of games.

We love playing games too. Unfortunately I have them in about 5 different places in the house because I just don't have a place where I can keep all of them together.

Too me, games are like books, you can't have too many!


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