Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a Short Note

Hello Blog Readers
Just wanted to let you know that I have been busy and then I went to my Sister's/Mom's for the weekend so I have not had a chance to post. I have been working on many projects here at home and was so busy I did not have time to post anything new. Then Friday I went to my Sister's house (my Mom lives with her) for our haircut weekend. One weekend every 15 weeks (every third time my Sister and Mom go to the hairdresser) I go up to PA to drive my Mom to the hairdresser because she gets a perm. My sister has to work on Sat. and she does not have time to wait for my mom to get the perm.

So I go up on Friday night, stay over, go with them to breakfast at McDonald's, go get our hair done and then take mom to do any errands she might need to do. This time it was a trip to Walmart for a few odds and ends, then a stop on the way home at the drug store to pick up a prescription.

Sat night we decided to go out for dinner, since my sister and brother-in-law were going out with friends. We went to Applebees. We had a good time and came home with a doggie bag and we were stuffed. I wanted to have dessert but we were both to full to do so. I suggested we go out for dessert on Monday after here Dr. appointment. She thought that was a great idea. So home we went and watched some t.v.

Sunday Morning we got up, went to Sunday School and Church at her church and then home. Sunday afternoon my sister set up here new Wii Fit. She got the Wii a while ago but just got the Wii fit this past Christmas. She had not used it yet so we set it up and had fun trying out some of the exercises. It was a lot of fun. A Wii is something I definitely want and have on my wish list. Ohh... we played Bowling and Golf Friday night and Sunday afternoon too. Sunday at church I noticed a muscle pain in my right arm and could not figure out why? then it hit me... the Wii, it really can be a good work out. I was evidentaly using muscles that had not been used in a while. LOL Well it was fun. I liked the hoola hoop challenge the best, but some of the other workout features are fun too.

I usally go home Sunday afternoon but this time I was staying over 'til Monday evening... tonight... because my mom had Dr. appointments on Monday and I said I would take her instead of her driving herself to the early morning appointment, though she had a ride with my sister-in-law for her afternoon appt. So this morning I was up at 7 am and out the door at 7:30 to take my to an appointment about her back. She has been having pain since early Nov. The Dr. said she needs a cortizone shot in her back and scheduled her for that Wed the 2oth. We went home and relaxed and got some breakfast and then Mom took a nap. I watched some home clean up shows and a baby birth show. We had a small lunch and then back out to the Dr.'s this time the eye Dr. Mom has had some trouble with her eyes for over a year now and this was a regular appointment. Praise the Lord he saw a small improvement in her vision and that is encouraging. Dispite the improvement though she still had a shot in her eye to keep it healing hopefully. Then we went back to Applebee's for our dessert. We both had the Tripple Chocolate Meltdown. A small chocolate cake with a lava of chocolate fudge in the center that oozes out onto your plate when you cut into it with a side of vanilla ice cream and fudge drizzled over that. Oooohhh Yummm... Yes, I know that will be a killer this week when I get on the scale Wednesday but... I did work out with the Wii on Friday and Sunday. Then back to the house to get ready to go home and wait for my dh.

So that was my weekend. I am home now and tomorrow it is back to school and the other projects I am working on. I am tired. I am going to bed early. I hope you had a good weekend.

In Christ,

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