Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Scrapbooking Day

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Rachel. It was her week for time with Mom. She said she wanted to work on paper projects together. She wanted to cover a journal and I could scrapbook. I have been wanting to spend some time scrapbooking and have not had time lately. So that was great. We put an old movie on my computer and she got to work sitting at my computer desk and I spread out on my scrapbooking table.

Below you will see the pages I completed yesterday. All the pages I created yesterday were with photos taken in 2000. That is the year I am up to in my scrapbooking. I have done all the pictures from 1986 when Rachel was born up to April 2000. So I have 9 years more to scrapbook and we keep taking pictures.

The first is a page of the kids playing at a playground in our neighborhood.

The second and third pages are of the girls in a musical/play called Oh Great, It's Easter Again. Jessica was Mary, Jesus Mother. Rachel was a women in the scene where Jesus heals the lepers and she was an angel in the end scene and had a solo. Boy was she nervous!

On the fourth page the top two photos are of the girls homeschool spring choir concerts. They were in seperate choirs one called the Jr. Choir the other the Sr. Choir.

The bottom three pictures were taken Easter morning. The first two of Court and the boys they were 5 1/2 and 3 years old. The third picture is of Jessica and a friend of hers, Anna.

Then here is a picture of Rachel's finished Journal. She did a great job. It took her longer to figure out what picture and other decorations she wanted. So if you are interested in how she did it watch her blog at Young Homemakers for a post on that topic in the days to come.

I hope you enjoyed our Creative Wednesday and I hope to do some more scrapbooking soon... now that I have the table cleared off it will be easier to get done. I will post more pictures and details when I do.

These are not my favorite pages I have don in my scrapbooking. Maybe I will do a couple posts about my favorite pages some day soon.



Nathan said...

Aw, man! only a couple pictures of me!

Chasity said...

Sweet pages and memories. Also loved your daughter's journal, very pretty.
Be blessed,


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