Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Website I Recently Found - You Can Make This

You Can Make This! Blog

This Website has great projects to make for Children and Adults in all the Categories that it lists on the button above... and More. They have some freebies and many things for sale. I have not purchased anything yet but I have some things on my wish list now from their site. Some of the freebies I am excited to make soon and some will be for later when I have grandchildren to sew and do other crafts for. If you have younger children there is a lot there for that age. My daughter and I are excited about their new site going up You Can Quilt... so check them out. Click on the button above or click here.

Make time to make a special craft with and/or for someone in your family,


Chasity said...

WOW thanks for the link. I want to learn how to knit. Actually I want my oldest and me to learn together.
Be blessed,

Annette said...

I like them too! I haven't purchased anything yet...I have too many free patterns to try first. Their freebies are good though!

Irene said...

Hi! Stopping by from the party-nice to meet you!

Bluestocking said...

Hello! I'm stopping by from the party. Hope you can join me.


Future Mama said...

Thanks for the link! Nice meeting you! You sound like you have such a beautiful family!

I'm not a mom yet myself but I'm thinking that may change one day soon! I'm trying to get the DL from moms on "the stuff they don't tell you beforehand!" haha.

Can't wait to pick your brain! And please feel free to share your advice or secrets anytime!


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