Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun Post by a blogger I follow

Rachel from

Grasping Objectivity

on her blog post Mommy Scouts had a great idea. Badges for Mom's instead of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Below you will find the ones I get from her site with some comments. I did not do all the badge pictures, just a few, so to check out her post to see all the badges. You can leave a comment on her post as to which badges you have earned and what other badges you would like to see that you have earned.

I get the:
I survived selling our house and moving with a baby Merit Badge

I made it through an Emergency Room visit (or two) with my toddler in tow (one was on Mother's Day. My Toddler had fallen and bitten his lip through from inside to outside... ooooohhhh)

I let my toddler fingerpaint and I actually enjoyed it Merit Badge

Let him cry it out so that he will sleep through the night Merit Badge (I have 4 of these!! except two were girl babies)

I taught my child to read and write without losing my mind Merit Badge:

I taught my child to say "Please" and "Thank You" Merit Badge

Homeschooling Merit Badge:

I lost all my baby weight and fit back into my little black dress Merit Badge: ( I did this once after the first child but have failed since then. I am now working on loosing the baby weight again... but this time my baby is 12 years old!! LOL)

I can understand what my toddler is saying Merit Badge:Which, by the way, you get another one of these if you ever get to the point of understanding what your teenager is saying. (I get both of these)

I have a drama queen daughter Merit Badge

Tent Camping with kids Merit Badge (which only applies in a one room tent) {we took our Baby daughter and tried to sleep on Assateague Island, Maryland in the summer and were devoured by the mosquitoes!! and we left her pacifier in the car and were not willing to fight the mosquitoes to go get it. She finally screamed herself to sleep and then we decided to go home we were so miserable. I ran for the car with her and hubbie grabbed the tent by the top and pulled and left the tent spiked there.

I took my child to big church Merit Badge (not only that but all 4 of our children go to adult Sunday School class with us and only two of them are adults)

I endured the glares of all other passengers and took a baby on a plane Merit Badge

I would love to add these:

I Homeschooled a Child from K-12 and We Both Survived Badge (actually I get two of these)

We Have Moved 7 Times and Lost a Lot of Things Badge

My Husband Has Changed Jobs at Least 8 Times and I Survived Badge

My Husband Injured Himself at Work and was Home All Day Every Day for 3 1/2 Years and I Put Up With Him Badge

Click the link below to go see all the badges and to comment if you want to. There were many there I have not earned, some I was glad not to have earned, and you will get to see al the pictures of the badges too.
Mommy Scouts

Have a Great Weekend,


Rachel and Jessica said...

Wow! Those are funny! You really do need those other badges though. I like this one "My Husband Injured Himself at Work and was Home All Day Every Day for 3 1/2 Years and I Put Up With Him Badge" Ha Ha! LOL! =:)

BTW - I hope I am not the "drama queen" daughter...right? =;)

Love ya mom! Thanks for "putting up with us"! =:)

p.s. - I awarded you!

Jessica said...

Hey... Drama Queen... No fair! We all know who that is!

... You know, I never thought about it... but I am a drama queen sometimes. Though, I mostly do it on purpose for laughs. LOL!

Love ya' mom!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the shout-out! And too good - you have earned a lot!!

I was homeschooled K-12 too, and plan on homeschooling. Should I get a gold star on mine if I homeschooled and homeschool??

Debbie said...

Rachel (Not my Daughter Rachel the Rachel in the post just above this)
Yes You definitely get a gold star for being homeschooled and homeschooling your kids.

Not only did you survive being homeschooled by your mom, LOL, you were crazy enough to want to homeschool your kids!!!

Just kidding... but you still deserve the gold star.

Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men said...

Hi Debbie,

I saw you over at my friend Tina's blog solidrock. What said about your hubby's financial challenges. That is the reason God inspired me to start Tightwad Tuesdays. God wanted me to show there are ways to take what the Lord has blessed you with and use it to the fullest. I pray you stop by. I would love to encourage you along the way.

Blessings in Him<><


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