Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weightloss Wednesday Feb 11, 2009


I gained a pound! Free Smileys
That is the wrong direction. I guess I reaped what I sowed though, and have no one to blame but myself. But we ate out over the weekend on Friday, see my post about it if you want, and DH bought more goodies on Sunday. I bought Grapes and Cheddar Cheese Rice Cakes as my snack and did not eat the Fig Newtons or Peanut Butter Cookies or Oreo Cakesters or Strawberry Newtons. But, I did buy some candy when we went out to eat at Cracker Barrel, on Friday Night everybody was getting a treat to take home and eat later and I wanted one too. I should have said no but the Caramel Apple Caramels looked sooooo good and I love caramels!!! but they are 60 calories each and mostly fat and sugar of course... no nutrition value at all. I have been slowly eating them one or two a day. But two of them is more calories than I burn when I run on the Eliptical Walker! so that cancels that good thing out! Just think how much I might have gained if I hadn't been working out! I may have gained the whole 5 back that I have lost.
This week coming up may be a week to hold steady or gain since I have a Ladies Breakfast on Saturday Morning the 14th, then my dh and I are going out for Valentines Day... it is the 25 anniversary of the day we got Officially Engaged and I got my engagement ring... so that is special... and then Sunday after we sing at church we are having a family from church over for lunch and we are having Pizza, homemade, and salad and dessert... anyway it should be fun.
I have continued to exercise and I think if I want to loose I am going to have to track my eating and keep track of everything I put in my mouth!! I will probably not do that this week because of all that is going on and will just try to cut back on my eating today thru Friday and then maybe Monday I will start tracking my eating. This is sooo hard! I have exercised faithfully, we even took a walk at Winterthur on Sunday, the weather was beautiful here, and could almost keep up with everybody. I used to have to ask everyone to slow down or ask to take extra breaks and that was a little encouraging. Some moments I feel like crying, I think that is PMS or the beginnings of Menopause or... what else can I blame it on... let me see.. Free Smileys some moments I feel like giving up and just eating everything I have denied myself, and then I rally and press on... to gain a pound!!!
Ok, the Pitty Party is Over!! Time to exercise and then do school with the boys.
I hope your week was better than mine,


Chasity said...

We all have rough weeks.....I have had a rough time for a month and half. The weight melted off at first although I was very strict....sticking to 1500 cal and exercising 1 hour a day (600 cal). Although I have slacked up and the scale has too. Even though your sweet may cancel out the caloories burned on the exercise........the benefits to your body, especially the heart, far out way the calorie exchange. So keep plugging on. The stronger you get the easier it gets.
I have my post up and I signed you up through Mr Linky.
Be blessed,

Tina said...

Awe its not the end of the world and you can still say you have lost weight! I sure hope you enjoyed your meal out! Cracker Barrel is good. As are all the goodies in the store.
I did my best when I recorded everything I ate. I hated doing it but it really helped me to say no to certain foods and to control portions. Anyway you look at it it is very hard work!
You can do this! One day at a time one step at a tiem.

naomi said...

keep going hun you were doing so well and there is going to be the odd tough week. Don't let that pound spoil your nice memories of a meal out, just keep motivated!

Michele said...

Don't be discouraged Deb, i know this is hard, but it takes a long time to change any habit. This week doesn't have to be a bust, just eat want you want in smaller portions and walk 3 miles instead of 2. Drink lots of water and remember, you are still 4 pounds lighter than you would be if you had not started excercising. Plus, try green tea with hoodia--it works. Keep trying-PRAY--get the junk out of the house so you are not tempted and the rest of the family will eat healthy. You can do this!

Valerie Neald said...

Just wanted to stop by and say keep going.


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