Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weightloss Wednesday Feb 25, 2009


Well, surprise, surprise... I lost a pound. I am shocked. I have worked out except for the end of last week, but I have been eating all kinds of things... thanks to my dd's baking... like this


There was also the cheese cake and the sweet tea not to mention the Valentines stuff I had...

Well, that was my last two weeks. I have been eating more fruit in general and I have been drinking more water most days. I am just soooo glad to have lost weight.

This post reminds me of those ladies magazines where they have weight loss tips and pictures of yummy goodies right next to each other on the cover of the magazine.

Well, that is it for Weightloss Wednesday! Don't drool over the cookies to long.

To see the other WLW posts and find out how to post your weightloss goals and progress check out Chasity's Blog at Seasons of a Godly Woman

Have a Wonder Filled Week,

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