Monday, February 16, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook for the week of February 16, 2009

FOR TODAY Monday, February 16, 2009

Outside my window... it is a sunny but cold day with lots of pretty, feathery, white clouds

I am thinking... that I need to get dressed and get school started as soon as I post this

I am thankful for... good friends - we had some friends over after church yesterday and had a great time, thanks Merideth's for being our guests, can't wait 'til we get together again.

From the learning rooms... Middle Ages, Human Body - Circulatory System, The Red Keep (Historical Fiction see Shelfari), Artist Study - Caspar David Friedrich, and Composer Study Franz Liszt

From the kitchen... Nothing special, dd made goodies for yesterday when we had company and we made 4 different Pizza's for the main part of the meal - Cheese, Peperoni, Everything and Pepper and Onion; we had salad, chips, pretzels and dip, and for dessert dd made Apple Cake and Cream Cheese Cookies - it was all good

I am wearing... my bathrobe and pj's but soon to get dressed, as soon as I finish this post

I am creating... I hope to do some scrapbooking today and this week. We looked at my scrapbooks with the Meridith's yesterday and it got me in the mood to do some scrapbooking so I hope to work that into my schedule this week.

I am going... nowhere but my dd's are going to there grandmothers to help her do some cleaning, they will be gone Mon. Night - Wed. Night and I will have to do some extra things to make up for them being gone.

I am reading... my Bible, trying to catch up on being behind in reading the whole Bible in 90 days. I am WAY behind and trying to read 1 full day every morning and then one full day every afternoon until I catch up.

I am hoping... to go to a David Phelps concert with my dd in March.

I am hearing... the microwave beep, the kids getting breakfast, the kids going up and down the stairs, the boys goofing off instead of doing their math

Around the house... pretty clean since we had company yesterday, not much else

One of my favorite things... looking at photos in my scrapbooks

A few plans for the rest of the week: lots more cooking than usual since my dd's will be gone, trip to the library Tues night as usual, New study with some mom's from our church on the book Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Signs of Spring

If you want to do this meme you will find the directions and Mr. Linky at The Simple Woman's Daybook

I hope you have a good week,


Jo said...

Just found your daybook through the linky - thanks for sharing. I'm very impressed that you're trying to read the whole Bible in 90 days! You must have to read masses each day to do that. I love the snowdrop picture, too - it's always so encouraging to see them at the end of winter, reminding us that spring will soon be on the way.

Best wishes,

Rachel and Jessica said...

I tagged you mom! Go to younghomemakers blog for details!

Love ya!

Kristenph said...

You are trying to read the Bible in 90 days?!? Wow! That's a wonderful goal. I've never seen that reading plan. I've read the NT in a month before(Well, I think it took me a little over.)

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments on your start to homeschooling. I have gotten such wonderful comments on that post. It has been interesting to read about everyone's experiences.

Rachel and Jessica said...

Hi Mom! Jessica and I awarded you! go see our blog!

Love ya!

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


I am a children's writer and blogger. I would like to interview you about homeschooling. If you are interested contact me at


Sheri said...

Well no signs of spring here-just more winter. Hope your doing well. Just stopping by to say Hi.


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