Saturday, February 7, 2009

Splurge - Dinner Out!

My DH Court came home and said the taxes were finally in the bank and that he wanted to take us out to dinner. We have not gone out to dinner as a family in FOREVER!! He was not sure where he wanted to go.

I went downstairs and told Jessica to stop making dinner, it was her turn last night.

"What??" she questioned.

I replied, "The taxes came in and Dad wants to take us out to dinner. What have you done on dinner so far and can we save it??" She had already pealed the potatoes so I worked on what to do with them while she and Rachel went to get ready... they take a lot longer than I do. Jessica went upstairs and mentioned as she passed me that she would like to go to Cracker Barrel. I told her to go ask her dad. She did and he said sure we can do that.

The boys were ready in a flash.. did someone say eat... out... food??? LOL

DS Christopher had on his good pants and a t-shirt and so did DS Nathan. Christopher's t-shirt had a hole in it however.

"It's not a big hole mom," Christopher replied...

as his brother commented, "I can see it from here and it is not small."

I asked Christopher to please find a clean shirt without a whole and Nathan, in uncharacteristic fashion, helped him look for one. I guess he wanted to eat out and was going to make sure nothing slowed us down if he could help it. Success!

We got on the way and talked a bunch on the way to the restaurant. We arrived at Cracker Barrel and had to wait. Due to a mix up on the list we waited and waited and waited although the lady had said when we came in that we were next for a table that was being cleared! Oh well. One hour later we were shown to our table. After some things that embarrassed me, which I will not mention, we were seated. We looked at the menus and ordered. We had a grand time together.

The highlight of the evening was when Jessica asked her dad if he wanted a bite of her dessert and he did so she passed it.

Ds Nathan made a fake grab for the dessert as it passed near him and said, "Interception!"

Well not literally. We were in public after all. LOL

I was also drinking my soda at the time. Not funny! Root beer up the nose is not a very comfortable feeling but I did not want to spit it across the table at my dh sitting across from me.

We had a great night out together with much laughter, talking, eating, and family togetherness. We left the house at 4:30 and arrived back home at about 10:00 (we did make one stop on the way home at Best Buy). All in all it was a great memory and a great night out. We have not had one in a loooong time.

Have a blessed Sunday,
I hope to have time to post some more tomorrow as I have a couple of things from earlier this week I want to post like Homeschool Memoirs and Homeschool Weekly but dh wants to take a walk at Winterthur since it is supposed to be 54 degrees here tomorrow. So I am not sure if I will have time to post or not.

Night for now,
Time to get to bed before it is tomorrow,
Church in the morning and I don't want to be a sleepy head in church,
In Christ My Savior,


Chasity said...

Congrats on the dinner out!!!!
I finally posted the awards you gifted me....come by and see.
Be blessed,

Michele said...

OH Deb, it sounds like you all had a great time. That's the stuff memories are made out of! I love the way you wrote this, i feel as if i were right there with you. Love ya
p.s. Thanks for the great day yesturday. Rachel is already bugging me to take her back to your house :)

Jenn said...

What an awesome night! Don't you love those?


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