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Homeschool Weekly - Week Ending 02-13-09

There is no Mr. linky for this week from Cuddles On The Couch for the Homeschool Weekly because there is a new "berry" at their house. Check out the adorable addition if you want by clicking on the button above. CUTE baby!! Free Smileys

But I wanted to do a school update anyway, since I have missed a few weeks and I wanted to post about our CRAZY week!! Free Smileys

On Sunday at church my friend Michele, Hi Michele, told me that she had forgotten at least half of the things I talked to her about the day she came to visit and to talk about homeschooling in general, Lapbooking specifically, and about blogging. She said she needed to come over again and talk. I said, "How about one day this week?" Michele said, "How about tomorrow!" I said that would be find and suggested instead of just talking about lapbooking we should do some lapbooking mini books together my boys and her daughter and we could learn together for History and Science and they could bring her daughter's Math and Language.

I had been wanting to start our Middle Ages lapbook that I bought from Knowledge Box Central so I decided I would take a few mini books from there for our History. I did not know what to do for science. We are studying the Human Body and I did not have the finances to buy a Human Body lapbook so I did not have that to go to. I am doing a few lapbooking elements for our Human Body study but they are freebies and ... well I just decided to do something else. I looked through the Science lapbook stuff I had and decided to do a few pages from a Bee lapbook I have from HOAC. I have been wanting to do this lapbook to try to alleviate the fears my ds Christopher has about bees.

We had a lot of fun and our friends went home with two little lapbooks with a few mini books in each. They did some research, filled in their books, enjoyed the History and the Science and then did the rest of their school.

On Tuesday we did Choosing Your Way Through the World's Medieval Past - Adventure 8; 100 Most Important Events in Christian History pg 71 - 74; Red Falcons of Tremoine ch. 16- 17; we sang all our Lyrical Life Science songs that we have done so far; did parts of Considering God's Creation Lesson 30 and 35; then Bible; Math; Copywork; Operation English Grammar Lapbook; and a new picture for our study of our new artist Caspar David Friedrich. See Ambleside Online Artist Study.

On Wednesday we did Story of the Middle Ages ch. lxxii - lxxviii; Red Falcons of Tremoine ch. 18-19; Wonders of the Human Body part 4 by Anthony Ravielli. Ok Side note here!!! I just checked this book at Amazon because I like to have links to show people the books I use. I checked on this book and found one used copy selling for $79.40!!! Free Smileys Free Smileys The copy on Amazon is a little older than ours. It is a 1956 copy and ours is 1961 but they are both hardback. You can see it here if you want but there is no picture... maybe I will take a picture of my copy and put it on my blog later. I especially like the last few pages which say, "But wait... you are not quite finished yet. This is just the machinery...we are more than just machines because we love and want to be loved... and have pity... and know why... and dream...and have ideals and faith. These gifts of the spirit set man above all other creatures. This book once belonged to some local public schools, you won't find this kind of book there now and that is a shame. There are some paperback copies for only a couple of dollars that are the same number of pages, just do a search for the book.

We also read All About the Human Body you can find copies of that here some of the copies of this are inexpensive too. I love old books like these. This book and the one above both had two color sketches in them. We read various pages of each that went with the Human Body topic we were finishing up... Digestive System.

Then we did Bible; Math; Copywork; and the Operation English Grammar Lapbook

On Thursday we finished Red Falcons of Tremoine... see my review on my Shelfari page... we started the Circulatory System by learning the Circulatory System song and did the pages. For History we studied about the Petrobusians and the Waldensians and also Eleanor of Aquitaine in the Mystery of History, we also put a bunch of people in our timeline. We did Bible, Math, Copywork, and finished our Operation English Grammar Lapbook.

Also on Thursday my dd Jessica told me she thought she should see a Dr. about the pains she had been having in her lower right abdomen. She started getting them before Christmas and had them off and on through the Christmas season. Then they stopped. Then in mid January they came back for a couple days and we were concerned. Then they reoccurred in Feb. and I was more concerned. The pain on Sunday the 8th was the worst yet. So I called the Dr. on Wed. and they said they had an appointment available at 4:00. That is when my dh gets home with the car, if he is not running late, so I told her we could be there by 4:15 or so would that be ok and she said yes. So Wed I took Jessica to the Dr. as soon as my dh got home. The Dr. checked her over and found nothing suspicious but it is hard to tell with stomach things so he wanted her to have an ultrasound on Friday.

Sooo started today...
I got up at 5:30am so I could take a shower and take my dh to work so we could have the car to take Jessica to the Dr. The Dr. likes to use a company that does has a traveling Ultrasound machine so they come to his office and do the scans, it is very convenient. Well anyway, my dh had been wanting to get birth certificates for our children that were born in DE. He found out you can get them locally and wanted me to go get them today since I had the car. So I took him to work and went back home. We left the house at 6:15 I got home about 7:30. I filled out the paperwork for the birth certificates, ate breakfast, and got the boys started on school work by making them a list of what to do, and started cleaning the bathroom. At about 9am I left to go get the certificates. It took me longer to drive there than to wait for the certificates, then I drove home, of course. I did a few things, ate lunch and then it was time to take Jessica to the Dr. We went, she had the scan... see her blog for details of that... too cute. I then took her home, had about an hour to do a few things, then left to go pick up my dh from work. My dh has the car all week usually and when we are together on the weekend he usually drives so I probably drove more today than the last couple months put together. We came home ate, did our chores, practiced our sining (we are singing on Sunday at our church for special music) and then started a few projects that need to be done before we have company on Sunday after church.

For school today the boys did one of the mini books for the Middle Ages Lapbook, the rest of the digestive pages for Considering God's Creation (that I thought we were done) and they put their heart in their model of the body. They also started our next Historical Fiction The Red Keep, see my Shelfari shelf for details about the book and a link to Amazon if you want to check it out. They also did Bible, Math, Copywork, and we are back to our regular Grammar (Easy Grammar Red book for Nathan and Daily Grams grade 6 for Christopher).

When it rains it pours!!! hardly nothing to do but school and housekeeping most weeks and then BAMM!!! So much to do your head spins!! Free Smileys

Tomorrow is Ladies Breakfast the topic is the Bride of Christ and we are supposed to bring a wedding photo of ourselves or a family member, it should be fun. Then I will be spending the day with my sweetie for our 25th celebration of Valentines Day. Sunday is singing at church and then company. Then Monday back to school. What a week!!!

I hope you had a good week,
time for bed or I will not want to get up for the Ladies Breakfast

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