Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sum Up Your Life in 6 Words

I don't know if you ladies know about Beth Moore or have done any of her studies but I did Daniel this year, my first Beth Moore Bible study, with the ladies at my church and have been a Beth Moore fan since then. I have been following her blog and yesterdays post on summing up your life in 6 words was great... there are over 340 comments on there.

Here are the comments I put on the post then you can go read the other 340 if you want and post one of your own. If you post one (or if you already did post one) please come back here and tell me what you posted because there are so many and I would love to hear what my readers and commenters do with this.

Ok here are mine... I did 4 different ones.

Many Trials ~ Much Grace ~ Trust God

This World is NOT My Home!!!

Many Homeschool Days Past and Future

Homeschool Mom - 4 Blessings From God

This was fun, I hope you join in.

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MichelleMarie said...

I did it too, and it is what led me to your blog - I loved yours!
Mine was "From Trash to Treasure through Christ!"


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