Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TOS Review Crew - Time Flies

WeE-book™-Time Flies While History is Written

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Words almost fail in telling you about this great resource. This is inspirational. This Wee-book will convict you and really get you thinking. It will make things plain and get you making every day, with your kids, count!

This article is about how fast the years of homeschooling really do go, even though in the early years the days seem to drag on and on and on...

... and sometimes even in the later years... LOL

... anyway, Deborah gets real with us and tells us her many failings, Spiritual failings! We all have them, we are all sinners. Confronting them and putting them in print is another thing, however. Deborah is honest and open with us. Then she g
ives us some solutions to help us face and rid ourselves of these sins.

She has one son who has graduated from their homeschool and she just had a baby and so she has a lot of experience behind her and a lot of years of homeschooling still to go. That gives her a great perspective. She wants to make th
e days of homeschooling her newest addition to the family better than the days when she was homeschooling her son. She made mistakes and we all do but she wants to minimize them. I would like to do that, too.

This quote really sums up the article, " The only way [to have the homeschool I want] is to plan forward - to write my days with less frustration over the little things and more grace and peace as I cast my cares on the Lord. I plan to look ahead, knowing that my God is a redeeming God and will even take what I have done wrong a
nd redeem it to make a good return on His investment." words in brackets mine

I can certainly agree with everything she says in the Wee-book. She backs it all up with scripture and makes you want to be a better Mom, homeschool or not, and a better Christian. When you are finished homeschooling, what do you want your thoughts about your journey to be? What do you want you kids to think of their time in your homeschool and growing up in your home in general?

This little
Wee-book is a great encouragement. It would be a great thing to read on a cold, gray February day when you are feeling blue and wondering how you are going to keep on homeschooling until spring. It would be a great article to read on a warm spring day when you wish the days until you are finished homeschooling for this year were over, and summer break was here. It would also be great to read over the summer as you plan your next year. It would be great to read anytime of the year.

I plan to read it often, and since it is a Wee-book and the price is right, only $ 1.95 and so easy to download, you could be reading it in minutes!! If you do, I know it would inspire and challenge you as you finish out this school year.

Since this Wee-book is soooo excellent, out of five stars I give it

and since the Wee-books are such a great value they get this icon, too!

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Click on this link to go directly to the Wee-book Time Flies While History is Written.

So I hope you check out this Wee-book and if you buy it please try and remember to come back and leave me a comment and tell me what you thought of it...

and leave a comment now...

so I know you were here...

In Christ,


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Michele said...

Hey deb, great review. I will definately go check this one out! I will call you sometime tomorrow (friday) after i wake up, but i plan on being at your house about 1 oclock. Can't wait. Talk to ya tomorrow


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