Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Human Body Unit - Lap-n-note mini book fix

We are still working on our Lap-n-note for the Human Body and Health. We will be working on the Human Body/Health unit until the end of school , only4 weeks to go!!! 160 days done 20 to go, then Free Smileys

Today, one of the mini books the boys were doing was from the Human Heart Lapbook from Knowledge Box Central I did not like how the clipart for the Label the Anatomy of the Human Heart mini book looked so I went searching and found this instead on enchanted learning... luckily one of their free ones since I am not a member:

and the answers here in case your children... or you... need them

I saved both parts to my computer so I could have them to go with the lapbook I bought, if I ever do it again. Also, that way I could print just the gif without the extra stuff from the website. The program I used on my computer for viewing the gif allows me to change the size easily by sliding the % scaling bar and keeping the ratio's the same. It shows you as you slide the scaling bar the size of the image so I could easily print two for the boys to put in their lapbooks.

Ohhh.... I am goooooood... if I do say so myself. This took me all of about 10 minutes, including doing the search for what I wanted... I typed in anatomy human heart blank. This was a good day!!

Well, we are taking tomorrow and Friday off of school for a Mini Spring Break and my dh is off from work. We will also be celebrating our dd Jessica's Birthday tomorrow by going to Shady Maple Smorgasbord... she gets a free meal for her birthday. We are using a gift card my dh got from his brother for his birthday. He has been saving it and planning for how to use it. We are all looking forward to a few days off and time to spend as a family. Look for my post tomorrow for the birthday girl and photos of her.

Have a succesful homeschool day,


Annette said...

I am not nearly the efficient on the computer!! I just made Meghan's first lap book...Veggie Tales with a Brown Bear one coming soon. I could spend all day just searching for things to do with her at home! And we don't really homeschool!

Joi said...


I am interested in the lap-n-note method. Do you have any favorite links?


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