Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blast From The Past - Philadelphia Zoo 1993

OOPS!! I forgot that I had changed my Blast From The Past to Tuesday...

I will try to remember next week but I did not want to just skip it for this week so
even though it is late here is this weeks Blast From The Past

Blast From the Past Blog Button - mom

This week I am doing picture of the kids instead of me.
I do not want to do things in any order, just random photos of our family from the past

So for this week we have
Rachel and Jessica at The Philadelphia Zoo
June 1993

The Philadelphia Zoo
is Our Nations First Zoo
Celebrating 150 years this year
it opened in March 1859

Rachel age 7 in blue
Jessica age 4 in red
Me (Debbie)

Jessica on the left Rachel on the right
The picture in the egg above and of the three of us in the tree below are from

The Treehouse

A section of the zoo for kids of members only.
It is indoors and kids can explore and learn in many cool areas.
You will see more of this some other week
when I do more zoo pictures from different years.


Pony Rides in the Children's Zoo
We did not do pony rides each time we went to the zoo
but we usually did it once during a years membership.


Jessica at the Petting Zoo - a section of the Children's Zoo

A statue in Bear Country + my girls

I hope you enjoyed our look back at the Zoo for this week.

If you want to participate the rules can be found on my first official post here:

Blast From The Past - Debbie 1961

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Have a wonder filled week,
and spend some time having fun with your kids not just being their teacher,

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