Thursday, April 16, 2009

TOS Review Crew - Italian Renaissance

This is the first of four reviews I am going to do this week and next as I try to become one of a new group of 100 homeschoolers on The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. The TOS Review Crew is a group of ladies who review products from The Old Schoolhouse magazine advertisers. They are keeping a few of the reviewers from last year and to that are trying to add 100 new reviewers and I am hoping to become one of those. So... here is my first review.

Italian Renaissance Wee-book:

This article, written by Maggie Hogan, is great. It will definitely be a wonderful addition to our study of the Renaissance and Reformation next year. She starts out with assumptions about the Dark Ages and the fact that it was lacking in the areas of learning and the arts. Then she has a definition of the Renaissance. She then proceeds to dispel the wrong thinking about the Renaissance. Though I have studied the Middle Ages 3 times over the years of our homeschooling, I never put the pieces together as Maggie did.

After the introduction she gives you a bunch of resources and projects to do that will help you and your children discover the Italian Renaissance on your own. The projects and resources she gives will greatly enhance your study. Some of them we were planning to do before I read the article, but she has some great suggestions that I had not thought of like making an overlay map of Italy using the acetate pages for an overhead projector. Sounds like a fun thing to add to the Renaissance Lapbook we will be doing. She has other projects and suggestions but I don't want to repeat the whole article here.

These Wee-books are fantastic little resources and you can't beat the price, only $1.95 each. Since they are e-books you get to pay for it and download it immediately. Then you can read it and be inspired for your continued journey in homeschooling, and this article will especially inspire you for History.

Here is where you can see the entire line of TOS Wee-books

The Italian Renaissance Wee-book can be purchased here

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Sheri said...

I am interested in this WeEbook now...haven't had much of a chance to go thru all of them at the TOS store. Thanks for the insight!


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