Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. Day 3

Day 3
The Challenge
The View From Your Front Door

Our Hostess thinks she does not have so great a view from her front door.
I think hers is better than mine.

This first photo is out my front door looking to the left.

This photo is out the front door looking to the right.

This photo was taken looking almost straight ahead.

and this is what you see if you look down.

This neighborhood is not as bad as it used to be.
The photo of straight across the street shows a building with a blue awning.
That used to be a beauty parlor that had customers all night some times... not really for getting hair cuts... they had two police raids over there before they finally kicked them out!

The photo below was of one of the police raids. It just happened to take place on the day we had all my family at my house to celebrate my daughters (both of them) birthdays. It was 04/02/2000.
My sister-in-law said, "What do you have planned for next years entertainment?"

There was also a raid in the neighborhood across the street to the right.

Here is a couple photos from that.
This raid took place on March 28, 2007 and included:
numerous police cars
squat cars
4 wheel vehicles to catch and guys that tried to run
4 mounted policemen also to catch any who try to run
numerous police men walking the road in front of our house with high powered weaponry
and a major local television news van and cameras, from ABC's channel 6 Action News,
oh, there were helicopters too, but I did not take pictures of them.

This scared my husband so much he made the kids go down to the basement in case shooting started. He did not want them to get injured by a stray bullet.

Well, as I said this neighborhood is better lately than is was. Since the hair salon moved out a church moved in and things have been better. Though in the summer they keep there doors open, no air conditioning, and they are loud... I can here the singing AND the preacher even if our windows are shut!! But, I won't complain because that is better than drug deals and drunks hanging out on the corner all night.

We are ready to move... anytime you want to bless us Lord. But, for now, we are thankful to live in our home instead of the two bedroom trailer we had before we were blessed with this Habitat Home. Someday I will tell that story... about building our home with Habitat for Humanity.

Well that is the view out my door today,
and some days gone by...
what about the view out your door?
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Have a great day,


Annette said...

Wow! Before we moved last summer we were in a not such a great area. We watched lots of people going in and out a house across from us. It was a rental, and apparently there had been drug raids there at least once...probably more though.

I look forward to hearing your Habitat story. Derek has helped them before...glad to know a deserving family has been helped locally!

Kathryn said...

I'm glad it is better. I love the style of homes in your neighborhood.

And i love the pic in your header. It reminds me of KY not far from where my parents live.

Alicia said...

That's hysterical. Definitely the most interesting story connected to a pic!

Petula said...

Big wow! That's a lot of action, but I'm glad it's getting better except for the loud church noises. Looks like a lot of traffic noise.

I saw that you're in Delaware. I was born in Wilmington and lived in New Castle until I was about 10 or so, and I still have family there.

Farmer Gal said...

Sounds like things stay interesting, but I'm sure that you don't want that kind of 'interesting' for your children. I will pray that the Lord will bless you with a move!

Amber, That's Me! said...


Thank you for sharing so many photos. I can't believe the raid was when your family was there.
Hopefully the church moving in will continue to bring your neighborhood up. Do you have a neighboorhood watch association? Maybe it could start getting something rolling with keeping things moving forward.

I am happy you are playing and getting to know you better. I would love to hear your Habitat story sometime as well.

BeeHappy said...

I loved this story within your pictures. Thanks for sharing it! Have a great day as well Debbie!


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