Monday, April 13, 2009


Just a quick post to give some information to my friend Michele, and anyone else reading my blog that is interested. Michele asked me yesterday where I get the smilies for my blog. Michele if you click on any of the smilies it will take you to the site I use... so here are some smilies to click on...

Free Smileys

Free Smileys

Free Smileys

there you go
click on one of the smilies
you go through the list on the right sidebar on their site,
click on the smilie of your choice
get the html code from the middle line
and paste it in your blog post
it will show up when you post or you can click on preview it you want to see it.

If you want to resize it you have to save the post. go up to the tabs on top and click edit posts then come back to the post and click on the smilie and you can drag it to enlarge it.

any other quesitons,
just ask,

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